The 5-Minute Conversion Health-Check Scorecard

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The conversion scorecard is a tool you can use to gauge the effectiveness (or readiness) of your landing pages, in a simple 20-question yes/no format.

The landing page scorecard infographic

How to use the scorecard to score your page

Answer each of the 20 questions as honestly as you can and tally the number of “Yes” responses to arrive at your score. The goal is to get a quick ballpark sense of how good your landing page is and how many rules your page is breaking. You probably wouldn’t want to do this exercise on a page that’s doing really well as rules and best practices are only a starting point and you should never interfere with a successful campaign.

Then take all your “No” responses and create a “To Do List” of things to improve on your page.

Good luck. And remember, a sucky score means you have loads of extra conversions to make when you fix it…

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  2. Glenn C. says:

    Font Too Small to Read (Have consideration for people over 50, we read this stuff too.)rnrnI think your scorecard wouldl be useful, if I could read it. I presume it’s a graphic because it doesn’t scale up in my browser.rnrnReally, I can’t use it at all because of this.rnrnGlenn

  3. Oli Gardner says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to make a web based version at some point – which will help with the size issue. My apologies that you were unable to read it properly. (Yes it is a graphic).

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  5. Ricardo Falt says:

    As a Newbie, I am constantly searching on the net for articles that can guide me. Thank you

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  9. bilal qayyum says:

    font is too small… i think landing page could be a source that can make influence of the audience.. so better optimized pages could get better audience.. i’m also using sales funnel to track the visit’s in & out.

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Hi Bilal,
      If you mean the font is too small on the graphic – just click on it and click again to get the full-size version – it should be fine then.

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  11. fbcovers99 says:

    As a Newbie, I am constantly searching on the net for articles that can guide me. Thank you

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