[Infographics] How Does the Google AdWords Auction Work? And Using Landing Pages for PPC…

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Ever wondered how Google determines your paid search ad position? The infographic below shows how the bidding auction works, including Ad Rank calculations, Cost Per Click, and how the all important Quality Score can influence your position.

What is Google AdWords? [ infographic ]

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Landing Page Quality Score

Google recently announced that they are placing more importance on your landing pages when calculating Quality Score. One of the primary factors is keyword relevance, which makes it more important than ever that you use a targeted and focused landing page (rather than sending ad traffic to your homepage). The second infographic below – and the accompanying blog post on “Landing Pages for PPC” – highlights why you should be creating new landing pages for each of your paid search ads.

More Good stuff about Quality Score

Trada.com have some excellent resources on the subject of PPC and how to improve quality scores.

PPC Webinars (that’s talking video/slideshow stuff)

Anna Sawyer from Trada, also ran a cool series of webinars about optimizing your PPC for the holiday season (super seasonal relevance points) – plus me & Rick are in one of them.
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  1. Aaron Z says:

    Great explanation of the Adwords auction system. I’ll definitely show this to my clients next time I need to explain how placements work for Google ad positions.

  2. Courtney Bosch says:

    Very cool explanation. Love the infographics to help explain visually!

  3. Fantastic diagrams, I will be sending this out to my SEO clients in Manchester for them to read. Good Work

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  5. shpyo says:

    I think this is the best explaination about how adwords works! Thanks a lot!

  6. Great How-to information.

  7. One of the best, if not the best explanations of how adwords works!

  8. Jesse says:

    Awesome explanation of adwords, and what a great diagram

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