Google Panda for SEO Folks that Aren’t Bears (Infographic)

Over the past year, Google has been using a cuddly toy to wipe out what it sees as spammy content, taking down some pretty big players in the process. It made a lot of people nervous – so I thought I’d share this infographic that does a good job of breaking down it’s history and how you should go about making your site Panda proof…

Google Panda Update [Via: Single Grain - A Digital Marketing Agency]

– Oli Gardner

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  3. Now this is exactly what I have been looking for. Really easy to understand break down of the changes in Google’s algorithm. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Vijay says:

    Really Easy to Read and Understand explanation of Google’s Panda algorithm

  5. Hi Oli,

    Thanks for circulating this fantastic overview of Google’s alterations to its algorithm! I especially appreciate the step-by-step outline describing how site owners can recuperate from a Panda hit. I’d love to see more awesome infographics on Unbounce in the future!


  6. Raja Habib says:

    Never understood Panda as clearly lol. One of my sites had been hit by Panda. Still trying to recover.

  7. Kevin Yeaman says:

    Anyone who is into web marketing can definitely benefit from this infographic, though I think it needs to be updated to reflect how Penguin works. Has anyone been hit by the Penguin? And if so, how did you recover?