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Why Can’t I Retweet a Message Inside a Twitter List?

Yes I do! From my lists...

This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Dont get me wrong, I love Twitter lists. When you have a big following, they let you segment and prioritize without kicking everyone out of the ark.

What I don’t get is why they turn off the RT feature when you are viewing content from within a list! This is the most relevant and interesting content Twitter has to offer me (because I filtered it as such). Yet I’m left with oldschool cut ‘n’ paste vs. the Retweet button.

What gives Twitter?

They probably have a reason for it, but I want to hear how justifiable they think it is.

Does this bug you too?

If it makes you crazy or you know why they do it, please let me know.

Oli Gardner

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  1. Michiel Van Kets

    I don’t understand this either. I’d expect Twitter to encourage RT from within the lists, doesn’t it generate more user activity? Maybe it’s something they erm, missed out? Hard to believe though.