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A/B or split testing is the process of running an experiment between 2 (or more) pages to see which one performs the best. In marketing terms, the winner is thus determined by the page that has the highest conversion rate.

If you want to learn more about A/B Testing, check out The Conversion Marketing Glossary.

The 3 Most Common A/B Testing Problems (And How to Solve Them)

Ever wondered when it’s safe to declare an A/B test champion? Or what you should do if you can’t get enough traffic for your test? CRO expert Michael Aagaard tackles these and other common A/B testing questions.

Grow Your Conversion Rates Consistently with an A/B Testing Calendar

Are you guilty of being an A/B testing procrastinator? This post will help you implement a solid A/B testing calendar so you get out of your procrastination funk and start seeing consistent conversion uplifts week after week and month after month.

Double Your Win Rate with Hiten Shah’s Data-Based A/B Testing Process

A structured A/B testing process helps you generate bigger wins with less effort. In our recent Unwebinar, Hiten Shah shared his four-step process, so you can formulate smarter hypotheses and develop an intuition for future tests.

2 Questions That Will Help You Gather Endless A/B Testing Ideas

Before you run an A/B test you have to understand who you’re marketing to. Here’s how learning more about your prospects’ habits and aspirations can help you come up with testing ideas that actually increase conversions.

10 Awesome Testing Ideas From the Conversion Pros at Call to Action Conference

The first annual Call to Action conference took place last week and it was packed with awesome, actionable tips from some of the smartest conversion experts in the world. Here are 10 original A/B testing ideas to help you validate your assumptions and increase conversions.

The Secret to A/B Testing is Sharpening Your Ax, Not Chopping Down the Tree

A/B testing without a hypothesis is like cutting down a tree with a blunt ax. Before you run your next test, sharpen your blade with this technique.

The Deceptively Simple A/B Testing Mistake Quietly Killing Your Conversion Rates

What if your seemingly impressive conversion rate was leading you down the wrong path? Conquer this common A/B testing mistake and start earning conversions that actually drive ROI.

How to Find the Actionable Insight in Every A/B Testing Case Study You ​Read

Ever read a kick-ass A/B testing case study and then watch your conversion rate fall flat when you put it into action? Here’s how to make sure that never happens again.

How to A/B Test Circles Around Your Competitors in AdWords

There’s no excuse for not A/B testing your PPC campaigns but in the meantime, you could learn a few things just by studying what your competitors are doing.

How to Formulate A Smart A/B Test Hypothesis (and Why They’re Crucial)

Smart marketers know that the key to conversion is to test, test, test. But you need to start with a solid A/B test hypothesis that identifies a problem and a potential solution.

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