PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing Blog Posts

7 Quick and Dirty Ways to Supercharge Your PPC Landing Pages

Small changes to your PPC landing pages could dramatically improve your ROI. Here are 7 simple tactics you should be testing.

9 Conversion Experts on Why PPC Landing Pages Are the Key to Smarter Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing isn’t just about clicks – it’s the ultimate way to test your landing pages, design, copy and even new ideas. Here’s what the conversion experts have to say about PPC’s place in the marketing mix.

How To Boost Your AdWords Click-Through Rate By A/B Testing Your Ad Copy

Before you can convince people to convert, you have to get them to click. Here’s how to jack up your AdWords click-through rate through smart copywriting and A/B testing.

Zero AdWords Conversions: Do You Have a Sales Problem or a Marketing Problem?

Your landing page has zero conversions. What do you do? Change what it means to convert! Here’s how to choose an AdWords conversion event that makes sense for your campaign.

The Baker’s Guide to PPC Marketing

Who said PPC marketing was a piece of cake? It’s actually the whole thing! Here are the 6 ingredients of a tasty PPC campaign, from keywords to landing pages.

How to Get Your Leads to Like You More with Facebook Custom Audiences

Sometimes the low-hanging fruit is the juiciest. Here are 4 simple ways to boost your social PPC campaigns with Facebook custom audiences.

How to A/B Test Circles Around Your Competitors in AdWords

There’s no excuse for not A/B testing your PPC campaigns but in the meantime, you could learn a few things just by studying what your competitors are doing.

The Secret Power of the AdWords Search Terms Report

For AdWords marketers, smarter keyword targeting means higher CTRs, higher CPC and, yes, a better Quality Score. Here’s how to achieve all three goals using the under-appreciated Search Terms Report.

Why Did Google Disapprove My AdWords Ad?

Frustrated by Google rejecting your AdWords ads? Don’t fret – we break down the most common reasons for disapproval and explain how to get your ads and landing pages out of the doghouse.

98% Of Your Paid Ads Are A Colossal Waste of Money [Videos]

That statistic is probably quite shocking, and it should be. Paid advertising is in a shocking state. In this post you’ll learn the 2 pillars of successful PPC marketing. Attention ratio and message match. Read on at your own peril.

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