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Designers vs. Developers – This Could Get Ugly…

Quick post to show an infographic from Wix.com about developers vs. designers. Pretty funny, and bang on with the stereotypes.

Are you a designer or developer?

Designers, shouldn’t you be getting paid the same as developers? Come on, vent!

Have a go at the other guys in the comments.

— Oli Gardner

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  1. Oli Gardner

    Thinking that developers and designers should relish the fact that they have such beautifully defined stereotypes.

  2. Roberta Rosenberg

    Hmmm … most of the designers and many of the coders know in the DC area are women – and they’re not afraid of anything! :)

  3. Bo

    love this one..

  4. George Manlangit

    The dev table’s loaded with pizza crumbs and the designers – BigMac.

    Shh… the outsourced guy might jack up their fees, dev or designer.

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  6. Calin

    Sent it to a colleague from the “right wing”, and he replied laughing: “the funny part is that I actually brought my own keyboard in the office several times” :). And he’s always wearing t-shirts with a message …

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  8. Nicole

    While I don’t have a stubby beard, I can’t argue with much else about the web designer stereotype (skinny jeans, macbook pro and font snob….for sure). But I’m not afraid of women (because I am one). However, I am kind of afraid of PC’s…and IE.

  9. Helen @ Cucumber Marketing

    OMG, I Love this!!! Best part – one mutual “thing,” both designers and developers are afraid of! Awesome!

  10. Aaron

    Great infographic!

  11. Solar Monster

    I’m looking to create an infographic for my business and hope that it turns out to be just as successful.

    It’s interesting the amount of data that some infographics can hold without really going into great depth.

    This one displays exactly what needs to be portrayed – and I must say I’m more on the developers side :p

  12. Sussex solar Panels

    Looking at that image I am definitely more of a developer :)

  13. Drummer

    Hey, I’m both and I have a beard. Do I get paid double?