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A Recipe for the Perfect Landing Page

All great meals starts with a great recipe. The same goes for your landing pages.

So what are the ingredients that make a tasty conversion experience? Check. I’ve got them all prepped in little glass bowls for you.

And how about some directions you can follow as you construct your landing page? Check. There are 9 steps below to hold your flour covered hands.

And remember, once you’ve baked your first page, you’ll want to do multiple taste tests to make sure your visitors bite…

the perfect landing page recipe
Author: Oli GardnerDesigner: Denis Suhopoljac

To see what your landing pages can look like when they’re fully baked, check out this list of 35 Beautiful Landing Page Designs.

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— Oli Gardner

About Oli Gardner
Co-Founder of Unbounce. Oli has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He is an opinionated writer and international speaker on Conversion Centered Design. You should follow Oli on Twitter
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    • Olumide

      Landing pages are used for conversions. If you don’t have what to sell, what will be the use of a landing page? Also, how can I get products or services that will necessitate the use of landing pages on my page? Thanks

      • Teej

        @Olumide, landing pages can be used for whatever you want them to be used for. They are typically used to collect e-mail addresses and product sales.

        You can use it to lead your visitor to whatever you want or need them to do.

        As for your second question, if you read about this site more, you’ll see that they have product(s) for what you are asking about. :-)

        • Sahil

          I agree with Teej here, I think we can use landing page for any purpose but they need to have a call for action from the visitor to convert more.

  2. Owen McGab Enaohwo

    Oli can I send you a link to my landing page which I will be using Unbounce to create so that you can critique it?

  3. Sitebee

    Would you say landing pages with duplicate content still work?

    I have a freelance client who wants to target 50+ areas, I`m in the process of creating landing pages for each of these areas, the problem is creating unique content of all of these landing pages and the time vs costs.

    I`ve noted on similar websites in the clients field are using duplicate / spun content and their landing pages still rank.

    What you be your advice?

    • Teej

      If your client uses PPC or social marketing, then duplicate content doesn’t really matter.

      If your client uses SEO, then you’ll need to link to those pages from other pages (and from other websites) as well. Or find another way to lead to those pages.

  4. Patrick Tasner

    This is it! I could really say that this is indeed perfect. For sure, this recipe would have a delightful result. I have done some landing pages but I missed some of these tips that are very beneficial. Thanks for sharing to us this yummy recipe of a perfect landing page,

  5. the hurricane marketing

    i really like it! the recipe idea for a post was great and it was a very enjoyable reading!

  6. Paul Marttin

    Great article

  7. mcaullum

    really a worthy share or i must say a recipe for a dominating landing page

  8. Jordi

    That’s a very nice style for a landing page, never seen before. Maybe it’s the “the secret recipe” for boost conversions!

    Great job!

  9. seo specialist

    That list was actually useful, thanks!

  10. Lee

    Great recipe Oli. In the last example given, when you say personalized message, was the intro actually “Hi blog reader”… Or was it Hi ?


  11. John

    you already have 4 CTA on this page :)

  12. tom

    thanks for this article, just read it and these lines will help me to inform all the well known agencies how to proceed the landing page topic in a better way. Very useful content.

  13. bobi

    There are some great tips here, I will try to use them on some of my LPs

  14. Dan Carter

    My website sucks when it comes to conversions. Oli can I send you a link to my landing page which I will be using Unbounce to create so that you can critique it?

    • Oli Gardner

      Hi Dan,
      Sure thing. I have some critiques coming up that I could squeeze this into.
      Oli at unbounce dot com.

  15. Julieanne van Zyl

    For a minute there I thought I was really going to back a cake, love the way you did this infographic. Do you recommend putting testimonials on a “lead capture page” if it’s a short page, with only one opt in form?