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How to Make More Money in AdWords by Spending Less

Dishing out less cash could help you turn a profit with your PPC campaigns. Sound too good to be true? Welcome to the world of bid optimization.

How To Boost Your AdWords Click-Through Rate By A/B Testing Your Ad Copy

Before you can convince people to convert, you have to get them to click. Here’s how to jack up your AdWords click-through rate through smart copywriting and A/B testing.

Zero AdWords Conversions: Do You Have a Sales Problem or a Marketing Problem?

Your landing page has zero conversions. What do you do? Change what it means to convert! Here’s how to choose an AdWords conversion event that makes sense for your campaign.

The Secret Power of the AdWords Search Terms Report

For AdWords marketers, smarter keyword targeting means higher CTRs, higher CPC and, yes, a better Quality Score. Here’s how to achieve all three goals using the under-appreciated Search Terms Report.

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