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Why über-Optimised SEO Titles Kill Click-Throughs & Conversion Rates

If you’re designing your tags only to achieve a top SERP position the end result might actually be less traffic to your site. Why? Because when meta tags are optimized for ranking position you often sacrifice an effective call-to-action and your click-through rates will suffer as a result.

Why a Fast Website Kills Two Conversion Birds With One Stone

Most of the efforts around your online presence are aimed at either increasing your traffic OR improving your conversion rate. The beauty of improving website load times is that it actually does both! You increase visitor numbers AND you improve the Conversion rate.

The Three P’s of a Product Page that Converts – Picture, Price & Putton

P is for Putton!!!!!! Right? Ok, It’s a silly joke, I know. I’ll be sued by the buttons’ union. Nevertheless, these three workhorses of a product page seem to reappear at the core of every e-commerce optimization project I get involved in. Here’s how an effective design of the three Ps will boost your conversion rate.

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