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Size Matters: The Long and Short of Conversion Marketing

Ever wonder “Does size matter?” when it comes to your landing pages, emails, blog posts and other parts of your conversion marketing mix? Here’s everything you need to know about the “long vs. short” debate.

4 Steps to Increase Click-Throughs & Conversions with Pinterest

How can you leverage the power of pins to your advantage? Keep reading to find out how corporations, small businesses and everyday users are doing it, and how & why you should be using Pinterest to your marketing advantage. Acupuncture works…

How to *Own* Google+ Using Sparks and Ripples (and gain friends and influencers in the process).

Google+ has two excellent features that are worth paying attention to: Sparks and Ripples. Learn how to use them to expand your social network with this set of practical tips.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions on Your “Coming Soon” Landing Page

You may not think of a “Coming Soon” landing page as much of a target for improving conversion rates. Wrong! Just a year ago, startups like Hipster gained 10,000 subscribers virtually overnight without ever revealing their purpose.

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