25 Ways to Know if You’re a Pro Conversion Rate Optimizer – Checklist

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conversion rate checklist
The conversion rate optimization checklist. (Image source)

You think your CRO skills are top-notch, right? Maybe. Perhaps. Conversion rate optimization is really fun when you’re winning, but super hard when it’s not going your way. So how good are you? Use the checklist below and find out.

Using the Conversion Rate Checklist

To find out how much of a pro conversion rate optimizer, check off everything you’ve done and you’ll see your score add up in the counters (hopefully a lot). After you’re finished you can make a to-do list from the remaining items.

Total Score: 0/25

Total Score: 0/25

So what’s your score? It would be great if you’d share it in the comments to show how great a conversion rate optimizer you are. And remember to take the unchecked items and use them as your to-do list.

– Oli Gardner

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  1. 18, but I’m apprenticing. Fun and informative list. Thanks Oli.

  2. Bobby Hewitt says:

    23 – only a couple to check off. Thanks for making it easy to know what to do next Oil.

  3. 15… hmmm… do I have to be all 25 to really be a “Pro”??

  4. Dougal says:

    Score 24: need to break-in number 9/wife slowly – will let you know how it turns out if I’m still alive. AB test lunch and dog every day though.

    Seriously though – are you asking me to ‘Submit’ in your CTA?

  5. Rich Page says:

    Great list! Here is another similar conversion rate list any readers might also find useful – the definitive website optimization best practice checklist (also out of 25 too!)


  6. Marko says:

    Well that was an embarrassing amount of self-promo.

  7. Alex Jones says:

    wow, this is a good idea but does it need to reach the score of 25 to be a pro?

  8. I think anybody can be a pro conversion rate optimizer, as long as they have the passion and skills for it. And this checklist of yours can really help if you think you are having trouble being a conversion rate optimizer.

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  11. My score isn’t too good lol. I scored 11/25 for one of my niches. That’s a big reason why i’m a fan of high priced products… acts as a “slack adjuster” that can cover my bases.