Create incredible blog ideas in
seconds with the Blog Ideas

Never lack ideas for blogging again.



Create incredible blog ideas in
seconds with the Blog Ideas

Never lack ideas for blogging again.

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What is a blog and how do people use them?

If you’ve ever done any research online, you’ve probably stumbled on someone’s blog and used their information or advice for your own business or personal life. You can find blogs on virtually every topic. Amazingly, the popularity of blogging is still growing.

A blog is a fantastic way to grow awareness for your brand and the products or services you’re advertising. Blogging can also be great for uploading photos, videos, and teaming up with other brands.

Another important use of blogs is for search engine optimization. You can pack posts with keywords to help your SEO rankings.

How to create Facebook primary text using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand, from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates personalized blog post ideas just for you! Here’s how to get started:

The first thing to do is create a free Smart Copy account! While you create your account, Smart Copy will ask you to input information about your company’s name, keywords, audience, description and more.

Then go to the templates page and click “Blog Ideas.”

You should see all the details you put about your brand earlier in your project information profile. Make sure everything looks good!

When you’re happy, click the “Write For Me” button and let Smart Copy do the work for you. You should receive about 9 or 10 ideas for your blog.

If you’d like more options, feel free to use the “Fine Tune” toggle as well.

Improving your blog ideas using the blog ideas generator

Let your voice be heard. Always give your blog a personality and make sure the tone aligns with your brand.

Blog about things that ladder up to your brand. Your blog should always encourage readers to engage with your company.

Invite guest writers who are recognizable in your industry. Collabs are a great way to show readers how your brand is viewed by people outside your company.

Use a unique and catchy title. This is the first thing people will see when they find your blog, so make sure it is inviting and leaves the reader wanting to learn more.

Make the copy easy to read. Use short paragraphs, photos, infographics, bolding on key phrases, quotes, and bullet lists. Many readers just scan blogs, so make sure your blog’s copy is easily scannable.

Make it mobile-friendly. More and more people are doing all their reading on their phones or tablets rather than desktops these days. Make sure your blog is easily readable for these devices.

Keep all your content high quality and not too complicated. Try to offer a unique perspective or special selling points that other companies do not.

Blogging templates

The templates for your blog are what can entice readers and draw them in. The best blogs use a lot of photos, especially as one of the first things people see. Blogging templates should also have obvious navigation menus where readers can easily find any additional information.

A good blog template will also include a page about you or your brand. This is where people can learn about your values, your benefits, and your success stories.

Always include a way for readers to get more information about your brand as well. Typically, this is a newsletter sign-up or short form where people can join your email campaigns.

Blogging examples

Colorful Photos

This blog is very visually attractive. Look at all the color and beautiful imagery. The headlines are also catchy and entice readers to click on the blog and continue reading more.

Author Biography

This blog includes a small bio about the author and the brand, as well as a simple way to sign up for newsletters. Both are important because they allow readers to get to know you and engage with your content.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu on this blog is perfect. It’s easy to read and to see all the content and options available to the reader. The pictures on the bottom nav menu also allow the reader to catch a glimpse of the recipe options.

Does my brand really need a blog?

That’s a big yes! Blogging is a fun and interactive way to draw attention to your company’s website.

Also, the more blogs and the more content you create, the more likely you are to show up on popular search engines when people search for information. In fact, blogs should be a major part of your overall SEO strategy

Most brands and businesses have a blog, so people will expect your business to as well. It also increases traffic to your social media pages and content.

Frequently asked questions about Blog Ideas

How does the Blog Ideas generator work?

The generator uses information on the internet and all the inputs about your company to generate ideas for your blog. The generators use amazing AI-powered technology to bring all this information together to create content for your company.

Why are blogs important to your company?

We understand that blogging can really grow your company and make people more interested in your brand. We also know that coming up with blogging ideas is time consuming. And writing content with a fresh perspective is even harder. Our blogging ideas generator will take away that burden and give you ideas that are unique and ready to use.

How much does the Blog Ideas generator cost?

You get 5 free daily credits to use any of our generator templates. If you want unlimited access to the blog ideas generator, you can upgrade to our pricing plan.

How can I customize my blog?

If you plan to create a large amount of content, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How can I make sure people are reading my blog?

Continue to evolve your content to what you think your readers need. Try to get in the mind of your target audience and envision what information they need, then write blogs accordingly. Popular blogging platforms usually let you track how many readers and viewers you have. If you notice a particular blog was more popular than others, try to leverage those learnings into more of your blog posts.

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