Conversion intelligence is pairing your marketing IQ with machine learning to identify and act on conversion opportunities you normally can’t see on your own. This is the fastest way to build relevance and increase your chance of getting each and every visitor to convert.

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Turns Out, We’ve Been Thinking About Marketing All Backwards

For years, the ideal process for marketers was to build a campaign, then optimize it, and then learn from the results. But for the vast majority of small businesses—this is a process that has never actually worked.

Building is guesswork

Unless you’re one of those rare experts who knows what’ll be high-converting ahead of time, you’re stuck building content based on nothing but hunches and hard-to-verify research. (Hello, confirmation bias!)

Optimization is flawed

Only a small fraction of marketers take the time to optimize properly. Even worse—it’s impossible to A/B test a one-size-fits-all experience that works for everyone. “Champion” variants only get you so far.

Learning is complicated

Marketers are overloaded with data. Undoubtedly, there are golden nuggets out there that can help you get higher conversion rates. But where are they? Probably buried in a spreadsheet somewhere six tabs deep.

The Design Assistant makes it so I don’t need to look at competitors, do the research, and can trust that you’re going to tell me what’s going to work.

Zoe Alexander, Marketing Project Manager

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Use Machines to Unlock
Your Conversion Potential

Your past experiences, best practices, and raw creativity are what give you marketing intelligence. But when you’re going up against unbeatable budgets and entire teams of marketing specialists—you’re still at a competitive disadvantage.

But what if you could make data-backed decisions that were mathematically proven to get you higher conversion rates? This is conversion intelligence. In a nutshell: it’s you, and your marketing know-how, augmented by the processing power of machines.

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Conversion Intelligence:
A Smarter Way to Market

Machine learning and AI insights let you predict visitor behavior ahead of time so you can launch campaigns that’re more relevant to your audience—right from the get-go. This means lower ad costs and an average conversion rate increase of over 30%.

Learn what actually converts

Start by learning actionable insights based on predictive data on how visitors will respond to your campaign. AI can automatically surface up these golden nuggets—no spreadsheets required.

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Build using data-derived insights

Use these machine-derived insights to inform your creative process and confidently assemble a higher-converting campaign.

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Optimize with machine learning

Get more high-quality conversions by working with a machine learning tool to optimize your content and add more relevance for target audiences.

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If you’re really busy or you don’t have optimization experience, machine learning will be your new best friend. It has given me back so much time back on a day-to-day basis… AI is absolutely the way of the future.

Mats Moy, Digital Consultant and Founder

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