Conversion intelligence is a fundamental change in your approach to marketing. It’s the pairing of your learned expertise with AI insights to create the highest-converting campaigns possible.

Short answer: It’s you, and your marketing know-how, augmented by machines.

Developments in machine learning let us analyze behavior and derive insights at incredible speed and scale. Now, you can apply them to your marketing.

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Let’s Face It: Optimization Is Hard

And that’s a problem. We know that the highest conversion rates aren’t an accident—they’re a result of fine-tuning each element of your campaign on an ongoing basis. The trouble is that lots of marketers aren’t able to optimize for a bunch of reasons.

“Who’s got the time?”

A quarter of small businesses can’t find the time to focus on their marketing.¹ More than 20% have marketers also balancing unrelated work.² 

These brands are scrambling just to get campaigns launched—and when they do, they’ve gotta move on to the next project.

“Where’s the budget?”

68% of companies under 200 employees say that cost prevents them from adopting new technologies.³

With low-end pricing ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars every month, lots of marketers don’t have access to optimization tools that’d improve their campaign performance.

“How do you start?”

Over 30% of SMBs don’t know whether their marketing is even working.Most marketers don’t get the traffic volume to hit statistical significance in testing.

Yeah, of course you want to optimize your campaigns—but without verifiable insights that tell you exactly what to change, where do you even begin?