Create appealing Facebook Ads in seconds with the Facebook Ad Generator

Endless Facebook Ad templates in seconds.



Create appealing Facebook Ads in seconds with the Facebook Ad Generator

Endless Facebook Ad templates in seconds.

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What are Facebook Ads?

If you’ve used Facebook, you’ve probably noticed various ads popping up in your feed. Facebook can track things you’ve been searching on the internet, from vacation spots to brand new coffee pots. A few days later you may see an ad for espresso machines or all-inclusive resorts on your Facebook.

Ads can also be based off other Facebook pages you like or accounts you’re active with. Facebook may also target you based on where you live, the job you have, the friends you spend time with, and your age group.

Facebook is a great platform to advertise on because it’s used all over the world, by every age group, and every job profession.

How to write Facebook Ads using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates optimized Facebook ad copy just for you! Here’s how to get started:

Create a free Smart Copy account. As you make your account, you’ll be asked for some information about your brand. This info is vitally important to ensure success with Smart Copy, so make sure to fill it out completely.

Navigate to the templates page and click “Facebook Ads.”

The project information profile will display all of your brand’s information. Check to make sure everything is correct and update anything that’s not.

When you’re happy with how everything looks, click the “Write For Me” button and Smart Copy will generate five Facebook ad options for you in just a few seconds!

Marvel at your amazing options. Feel free to click “Write For Me” again and use the customize toggle as well.

Using the Facebook Ad generator to improve your ad conversions

Pick your ad type. When you traffic your Facebook Ads, they’ll give you several different options to choose your audience and budget. Pick the ones that make sense for your campaign goals.

Match your ad to your audience. Try to get into the mind of your target audience and think about what they’d best respond to.

Always boost your ad. Facebook has several ways to boost your campaign and ensure ads keep showing up in your audience’s feed.

Customize your ad links. On Facebook, you can set where people will land on your website when they click your ad. Make a great landing page that will keep people’s attention after clicking.

Use the “increase conversions” options. The platform allows an easy way to set up your ad to boost conversions. This will send people to your website and give them a way to buy your products or services.

Create a “Call to Action.” Use the “Book Now” or “Sign Up” buttons to give people a clear next step.

Set your ad to appear more to people that are near your business. If you have a physical setup, use the Facebook Ad settings to advertise to people who live or work near your business.

Tips for Facebook Ad templates

Facebook Ads generally follow a basic template when you create them, but are fully customizable. Generally, the copy on all Ads should be kept short. The whole premise of the ad is to get people to click on the link to learn more. Don’t overload the ad with too much information—give just enough to get people interested.

In your copy, always include a few benefits of how people can use your product/service to make their lives easier, better, or more interesting. Short and simple language captures interest easier and keeps it longer.

Use a visual that expresses the values of your brand. Make sure this visual isn’t too busy, and shows your company in a simple and refreshing way. It could be a real photo, a sketch, or a cartoon. You can also use an animated gif or short video.

Template examples

The CTA Buttons

When you’re uploading your ad to Facebook, you’ll have several preset CTA button options to choose from. The most common are “Learn More” and “Contact Us”.

Ad Copy

The copy on this ad is a little longer than other ads, but for a good reason. The owner effortlessly portrays how her brand can help people and how they’ll benefit from her workshops.

Great Visuals

This is an ad from a popular restaurant chain advertising a new campaign. The picture makes you want to take a vacation, drink wine, and explore the area. It entices people to click on the ad to learn more.

Are Facebook Ads and Google Ads the same?

Both Facebook and Google ads have the same end goal and some of the same formatting, but they are fundamentally different.

Google ads are aimed at people actively searching for what your brand offers. In most cases, they are literally typing it into a search engine.

Facebook ads are targeted towards people who most likely will be interested in what you offer based on things like participation in Facebook groups or associations with someone on Facebook that already uses your products.

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Ads

How does the Facebook Ad generator work?

The generator uses information available on the internet as well as the company information you provided, puts it all together and then, through a proprietary AI-powered process, generates customized ad copy for your company.

Why are Facebook Ads important?

Growing your business means trying to get your ad in front of as many people as possible. Facebook Ads are one of the best options, reaching a massive audience. A good Facebook ad can bring in a tonne of conversions and new clients.

How much does the Facebook Ad generator cost?

It is free to use! In fact, all of our Smart Copy generators are free to use up five times daily credits. They will reset every day.

What if I want to use the Facebook Ad generator more than 5x daily?

If you plan to create a large amount of content, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How can I customize my Facebook Ads?

The Facebook Ads generator has a custom toggle option. When clicked, it will ask you to add a few more inputs about your company. Click “Write For Me” again and Smart Copy will generate even more customized options.

How can I create more traffic through my ads?

When you upload your ads on Facebook, they’ll give you several options to increase visibility and conversion. Always fill these fields in completely. Run a few different ads to see which is more successful. Don’t be afraid to reuse an ad that’s proven to be highly successful.

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