Create high-converting Google Ads in seconds with the AI copy generator

Limitless variations for your Google Ads copy. 

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Create high-converting Google Ads in seconds with the AI copy generator

Limitless variations for your Google Ads copy. 

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Create a free Smart Copy account and complete your company profile.


Browse, and then select “Google Ads” under the templates section.


Click “Generate Copy” and let Smart Copy write on-brand ads copy for you.

What Are Google Ads?

Google ads are paid advertisements that appear in the search results. They usually appear at the very top and bottom of the search page. You’ve probably seen Google ads every time you use Google’s search engine.

To advertise on Google’s search engine, you use its advertising platform: Google Ads.

How to Write Google Ads Using Smart Copy

It’s super simple to get started—but here’s the detailed breakdown:

Create a Smart Copy account

If you don’t already have a Smart Copy account, you can create one for free. Smart Copy will ask you some questions about your company such as its name, audience, description, and keywords.

Go to the Google Ads Generator

After setting up your account and creating a company profile, select “Google Ads” under the templates section.

Click “Generate Copy”

Once you’re in the Google Ads Generator, click the “Generate Copy” button. Boom! You’re done. Smart Copy will generate five custom ads for you.

Receive five copy variations

Review your options and see if you like ‘em. You can always click “Generate Copy” again for five new choices or use the customize option.

Tips for Improving Your
Google Ads

Focus on your brand’s keywords. They should be specific and reflective of your product or service.

Speak your audience’s language. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider what they’d type when searching for your product or service.

Exclude certain keywords. Google Ads gives you the option to do so. For example, if you own a budget travel company that targets backpackers and cheap hostels, you can exclude words like “family travel,” “resorts,” and “luxurious.”

Fill out all the fields. Google will ask you to input headlines, CTAs, descriptions, and more. Not all of them are mandatory, but you should fill them out anyway. This ensures that you’re connected to highly-qualified matches instead of irrelevant searches.

Create several ads using the Google Ads Generator and then test them. This is a great way to see what’s converting your customers.

Use ad extensions. Sitelink and Callout Extensions are great ways to connect visitors to relevant landing pages and up the chances of converting them.

Google Ads Examples

Users example

Google Ads is a favorite among businesses because it’s so effective at increasing brand visibility. That’s right, even big brands like Kate Spade use Google Ads.

Keyword targeting example

In this ad, you can see that the keywords matching the search query are bolded. When creating your Google ads, you can choose how closely your ads should match the search query.

Extensions example

Ad extensions help people get straight to what they’re looking for. In this ad, there are five separate links to streamline the donation process.

Why Does My Brand Need
Google Ads?

Businesses of all sizes use ads to promote their brand and products. Because Google is the most-used search engine, there’s potential to reach tons of people using the Google Ads platform. Plus, its ad formats are very easy to see and read, which encourages maximum visibility for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Google Ads Generator

How does the Google Ads Generator work?

When you create an account, you input basic information about your business. The Google Ads Generator takes this information—like your brand’s name, keywords, audience, and description—to make a Google ad personalized to your company.

Why are Google ads important for my company?

Paid ads are crucial for growing your brand and increasing web traffic—but it can take hours to write up different variations and test them. With Smart Copy, you generate on-brand ad copy variations in seconds—streamlining the testing process so you can meet your growth goals faster.

How can I customize my Google ads?

All of Smart Copy’s AI text generators have customizable options. Depending on the template you’re using, you can adjust the tone, target keywords, and more. We encourage customizing your ads to make ‘em more relevant to your audience.

How can I ensure that people click on my ads?

To get people to click on your ads, you need to make sure they reflect your target keywords and audience. To turn these clicks into conversions, your landing page copy should align with your ads. Consider running tests to see which ad copy speaks to your audience the best.

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