Create inspiring investor emails
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Never get stumped writing an email again!



Create inspiring investor emails
in seconds with the VC and
Angel Generators

Never get stumped writing an email again!

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What is an investor email?

Investor emails are a marketing tool used to obtain meetings with potential investors who could grow your business. They are usually sent to investors who have some knowledge of the company being considered. You can also send investor emails to new investor prospects.

We have two investor email templates. You can use the VC template (venture capitalists) when you reach out to a person who invests in small businesses using pools of capital. The Angel template is for pitching your business ideas to investors you know will be using their own personal money to invest.

How to write investor emails using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand, from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates customized investor emails just for you! Here’s how to get started:

Make your free Smart Copy account, then enter in your brand’s information like company name, preferred keywords, audience, and a short description.

After creating your account, you’ll be taken to the Templates page. Click either “Pitch a VC” or “Pitch an Angel.”

On the Product Descriptions page, the project information profile will display all of your brand’s information. Check to make sure everything is correct and update anything that’s not. Once you’re happy, click “Write For Me”.

In just a few seconds, you’ll have three personally crafted investor email templates!

If you want to make your copy more personalized, you can use the “Fine Tune” option. Smart Copy will ask you to type in a bit more info. Then, click “Write For Me” again to see more custom email templates. If you want to see even more options, you can always click “Write For Me” again.

Tips for improving your investor emails

Address the investor by name to let them know that you’ve done your research and aren’t just sending out emails to the masses.

Mention some similarities that their company has with your company. They are more likely to invest in your business if it is something they are also passionate and knowledgeable about.

If your brands do not have much in common, briefly explain to them why they should get involved in your business and why they should be passionate about it like you are.

The email is more likely to get a response if it is straightforward, concise, polite, and professional.

If you’ve already made sales, include statistics that show how the brand has performed and grown.

Include an excerpt from your brand’s mission statement so the investor understands your company’s vision and values.

End the email by asking the investor for a meeting (in person or via the phone) and include your contact details.

Investor email templates

The best templates consist of a few short paragraphs. They’ll only take a few moments to read. If you want to include more in-depth details about your brand, insert a link to your website or attach a file.

When including statistics or facts about your brand, put them in a bullet list. This will make them easily identifiable by the investor, even if they just skim the email. They’ll also be easy to refer back to if the investor reviews the email later.

Investor email templates should start with the investor’s name, followed by a short paragraph about why you’re asking for their support. Then, include another short paragraph on how your company is already solving problems.

Link your brand to the investor’s brand and explain how investing in your business can benefit them. Maybe your brand can increase profit margins, or raise awareness for an issue they hold dear?

A short sentence at the end is perfect for asking them for a time to chat. End any investor email with your information and a personal signature.

Investor email examples


This VC email is simple and short to both capture and keep the investor’s interest. The writer also shows they’ve done their research by offering a timely congratulations. Finally, they use specific features that their brand could offer to the investor to help them.


This example is a bit longer but includes several best practices. The investor is addressed by name, a few stats are listed, and the writer directly asks the investor for an ideal meeting time. She also includes a bit of research she’s done on the investor and details why funding her company would benefit him.

Meeting Times

The writer includes how successful her company’s software has been and how a partnership would benefit both parties by increasing revenue. She then signs off the email asking the investor a time that is convenient to talk.

What is the difference between sales emails and investor emails?

When marketing your brand and creating awareness for your products, it is easy to be confused about email templates and how to best use them. Sales emails, marketing emails, and investor emails are all different in a few key ways.

A sales email is specifically used to advertise a certain product or service that your brand is promoting. They’re used to convert readers into customers. Sales emails are usually sent to people who don’t necessarily know about the company yet, while marketing emails are sent to people who already subscribed to receive communications.

Investor emails should be sent to potential investors, not potential customers. An investor email is often written more professionally and slightly more in-depth. They should be written to express why someone should invest in your brand, not buy directly from your brand.

Also remember that VC emails are for investors using stakeholding or pooled money, while Angel emails are for investors that plan to use their own money.

Frequently asked questions about investor emails

How do the investor email generators work?

The generator will look at inputs from your company found in your account information and generate text for you. It also considers insights that are already on the web and joins all the ideas together to create new, smart, highly-targeted investor emails.

Why are investor emails important?

Growing a business or brand can be difficult at the beginning. It takes hours of hustling, researching, and of course, finding investors to fund your mission. A good group of investors can make your business grow far faster than going alone. The best way to gain investors is to send well-written emails.

How much do the investor email generators cost?

All Smart Copy generators are free to use and can be used for the Angel and VC templates up to 5 times a day. Just be sure the information about your brand is up to date so the generator can create the best copy for you.

What if I want to use the investor email generator more than 5x daily?

If you plan on sending a large number of emails, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How do I create an inspiring and professional investor email?

All of your investor emails can be customized using our generators! Click the “Fine Tune” button and type in a word that describes the tone best suited for the investor you are targeting. For instance, you can type“professional” and then click “Write for Me.” Or you can type in “professional” and “inspiring” at the same time before clicking.

How can I ensure that my investor emails aren’t passed over?

Investor emails should be engaging and professional. Our generators at Smart Copy create a template that’s simple, yet effective. The investor email templates are personally crafted to ensure all potential investors can easily read through your proposal and have all the information they need. Sending the email with an attention-grabbing subject line can also ensure that investors open it to read more.

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