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Local Event Registration

Whether it’s a concert or a party, your local event could be getting a lot more attendees with this sticky bar.

Email Discount

Offer your visitors a good incentive for giving you their email addresses. (Discounts are always nice.)

Add to Calendar

People have crazy schedules. This handy sticky bar reminds your visitors to add your event or an important date to their calendars.

Early Bird Tickets

Let the world know to get in on your early bird deal with this sticky bar.

Product Announcement

Does your new product or feature need a little love? Let your visitors and existing customers know to try it.

Website Survey

To promote a survey on your page, use this popup to allow your visitors to click through and offer feedback.

Cookie Notification

Does your website use cookies? Might be a good idea to be transparent and let your visitors know.

Flash Sale

Who doesn’t love a good flash sale? Make sure that your visitors don’t miss your limited-time offers with this popup.

Beta Signup

Build buzz with a waitlist or beta group for your product or offering so you can launch with a bang.

Trending Content

Funnel your traffic effectively and promote popular content.

Event Registration

Make it easy for potential attendees to sign up for your event with this attention-focusing sticky bar.

Instant Discount

Make your discount offer even sweeter by not requiring an email address.

Localized Offer

Give your prospects more personalized, region-specific offers. (Pro-tip: personalization can increase conversions!)

Get a Callback

Want to make contact? Use this sticky bar to invite your visitors to get a call from your team.

Ebook Download

Focus attention on your ebook content with this minimalist popup.

Webinar Registration

Make it easy for attendees to sign up for your webinar with this attention-focusing sticky bar.

Calendar Reminder

Sometimes, people just need a little time. Give your prospects the option of saving this offer for later.

New Listing

Keep your visitors in the loop to keep them coming back—notify them of new listings when they come up.

Holiday Announcement

Do your have special holiday hours? Do you have other seasonal announcements? Let your visitors know!

Content Download

Promote your content and collect lead data at the same time with this sticky bar.


Influenced by Unbounce customer Indochino’s high-converting design, this template works for any business with a few customizations.

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