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Manage Your Unbounce Leads with Salesforce

By connecting your Unbounce & Salesforce accounts you can create a smarter environment to capture leads and manage your customers.

How can you get started? See how it works.

Forms on your landing pages will push your leads directly to your Salesforce dashboard, and you can A/B test different pages when you run different campaigns – pretty awesome.What will you need to get started?A landing page form including name, email and company, and a Salesforce account with access to the Web Services API.



How Unbounce & Salesforce Work Together

Unbounce Landing Pages

Landing Pages With No Coding

Capture leads without coding or having to bug I.T. or software development to get it live.

With unbounce you can build and publish a live page with our drag’n’drop WYSIWYG editor in minutes. All by yourself.


Templates Designed For Conversion

Need a lead gen form or ecommerce sales page that converts visitors into customers?

We have a bunch that rock, right out of the box with lots more coming. And you can bend and break them as much as you like.


A/B Testing In One Click

Testing is the foundation of Conversion Rate Optimization – and the key to getting a higher ROI on your campaigns.

Create a test experiment with one click and find out what your customers really respond to.


Plug ‘n’ Play Widgets

Use any script based widget on your landing pages to make them more social and interactive. Examples include, Olark, KISSinsights, GoogleAnalytics, Video, HelloBar and hundreds more.


Capture Leads From Your Landing pages

Send your new customer leads from your landing page forms directly into Salesforce.

Then you can properly manage them for re-marketing and future communications.


Send Campaign Leads Right to Your Reps

Let your reps run their own campaigns and manage their customers with ease with Salesforce’s huge feature set.

Which now includes social accounts and intelligence


Your Sales Success Toolkit

The Sales Cloud puts everything you need at your fingertips. From Social accounts and contacts to Mobile, Chatter,, and Analytics, collaboration across your global organziation and getting deals done faster


Easily Manage Customers & Close More Deals

Grow your business with no software, no installs and no headaches. Just focus on the things that matter, like growing your business.

Get more clicks, leads and conversions on your landing pages.