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Automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data. Close more deals in less time with Unbounce and Zoho CRM.

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Using Unbounce empowers marketers to market. No more dealing with traditional web development. This means that you and your team can focus on getting the job done: creating, measuring and optimizing your campaigns for higher ROI. You will still charm your leads into long-term, faithful relationships (like, let’s-pick-out-curtains, long term). With Zoho CRM this is a snap.That’s why Unbounce now integrates with Zoho CRM. Zoho is an industry leading CRM and incredibly popular among the Unbounce faithful. And we’re thrilled that you can now enjoy the two together.


How Unbounce & Zoho CRM Work Together

Unbounce Landing Pages

Landing Pages With No Coding

Capture leads without coding or having to bug I.T. or software development to get it live.

With unbounce you can build and publish a live page with our drag’n’drop WYSIWYG editor in minutes. All by yourself.


Templates Designed For Conversion

Need a lead gen form or ecommerce sales page that converts visitors into customers?

We have a bunch that rock, right out of the box with lots more coming. And you can bend and break them as much as you like.


A/B Testing In One Click

Testing is the foundation of Conversion Rate Optimization – and the key to getting a higher ROI on your campaigns.

Create a test experiment with one click and find out what your customers really respond to.


Plug ‘n’ Play Widgets

Use any script based widget on your landing pages to make them more social and interactive. Examples include, Olark, KISSinsights, GoogleAnalytics, Video, HelloBar and hundreds more.


Capture Leads From Your Landing pages

Send your new customer leads from your landing page forms directly into Zoho CRM. Then you can properly manage them for re-marketing and future communications.


Send Campaign Leads Right to Your Reps

Let your reps run their own campaigns and manage their customers with ease with Zoho’s CRM based on your unique business needs. Link your customer’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles into your Zoho CRM system.


Real-Time Tracking Dashboard

Zoho CRM’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities. Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging.


Forecast & Reach Your Sales Targets

Link data from the Opportunities Tracking tool to effectively set sales targets, track progress, and allocate resources to achieve your goals.