Create essential new products in seconds with the Product Idea Generator

Never get stumped writing an email again!



Create essential new products in seconds with the Product Idea Generator

Never get stumped writing an email again!

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What are new products and why do I need them?

Products generate revenue and grow your brand. Creating new products as your company grows is essential.

It’s important to show your audience that you’re evolving and innovating new products. If your company stays static too long, people may move on to new brands to get new ideas or products.

Always strive to grow your business by adding new products regularly.

How to generate new product ideas using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand, from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates customized product ideas just for you! Here’s how to get started:

Make your free Smart Copy account, then enter in your brand’s information like company name, preferred keywords, audience, and a short description.

Go to the templates page and click “New Products.”

Ensure that all your company’s information is correct.

Click the blue “Write for Me” button and let Smart Copy create new ideas for you! The generator should produce around 8 ideas. Feel free to vote them up or down and save them into your content folder for later.

Use the “Fine tune” toggle and fill in the additional fields to make more personalized product ideas.

Improving your new products using the new products generator

Think of something your audience would benefit from. Getting into the mindset of your customers and anticipating their needs is paramount for long-term growth.

Consider what your company is lacking. Take an area of your brand that isn’t currently a focus and ideate around a new product that could help grow this area.

Remember your competition. Think of your competitors and what they offer. Try to make your new product solve a problem they currently aren’t solving.

Keep a schedule. Try not to release too many products at the same time, or leave too much time between product launches.

Use social media accounts to advertise new products as soon as they come out. This will bring immediate awareness, especially if you provide links or information on how people can get their hands on your hot, new product.

Keep it realistic. Make sure your expectations are in line with the current status of your company. Aim too high and you could halt momentum or create friction within the company.

New Product templates

A great template can be a good starting point for a new product. Once you have your audience in mind, think of how they’d best respond to a new product.

Use as many pictures or videos as possible. This helps quickly explain what the new product does and how it’s different. If it’s a new discount or promotion, show how people can use the promo to access benefits and services.

Make your template easy to read. People want to learn more about your product without having to do a bunch of research. If you have more you want to say, consider adding a link or video.

New Product examples

Use a visual

This is a great example of how to use a visual to explain a complex new product. Here, a travel company allows users to search for different hotels on their own. Then, a travel company will book it while making sure they get the best deal possible.


Sometimes a new “product” can be a deal or discount for a product you already offer. This is a great way to create more traction for a service you know is good, but needs more eyeballs on it.

No copy

This is a great example of a new product launch that allows the consumer to see the services by looking at a few quick pictures, rather than reading a bunch of paragraphs. Right away, people know all the services they can start using.

How often do I need new products?

The answer really depends on your company’s situation. Some will need to release new products more frequently than others, while some are dependent on seasonality. A juice company might release new products depending on what fruits and vegetables are available in particular seasons.

Releasing a large number of products at the same time can be overwhelming, for you and for consumers. On the other hand, if you don’t release new products often enough, consumers, and your employees, may become bored and look for options that offer more.

Try to find a good schedule that fits with your brand. You can always test new products as you brainstorm them.

Frequently asked questions about New Products

How does the new product generator work?

The generator works by taking all the details you provide when you create your account and combines them with information from the internet. Then through a proprietary algorithm, it creates amazing ideas for your brand.

Why are new products important?

New products help to keep the momentum going for your business. It also keeps people committed and loyal to your brand. And yes, It’s a great way to make more revenue, too.

How can I come up with new products for free?

The new product generator is free to use with your Smart Copy account—up to 25 times a day. Simply login into your account and start using the generators for free.

What if I want to use the new product generator more than 25x daily?

If you plan on creating a large number of products, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How can I customize new products?

All of the Smart Copy generators have “Fine tune” toggles. Simply turn it on and enter in the additional inputs it asks for. Then click “Write for Me” and Smart Copy will give you additional personalized product ideas!

How can I make sure my new product is well received?

Ensure your target audience is top of mind the entire time you’re creating a new product. Something your audience can benefit from will automatically be well received. Even better, you can give the audience something that they didn’t even know they needed.

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