Landing pages

Get more leads, sales, and signups from paid campaigns without increasing your ad budget.

You know that you need relevant landing pages that match the specific messaging on each of your campaigns. But getting them built or making changes to your website’s pages can be a headache. With Unbounce, you can build custom pages fast, with full creative control and no tech bottlenecks.

Wait, what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a page, independent of your website, that’s created specifically to receive the traffic from a campaign (like advertising, email, and social). The best landing pages have a clear call to action and no (or very few) distracting links to other pages.

A better landing page experience is a key factor in improving your AdWords Quality Score, which can lower your cost-per-click and get you better ad placements. This means you can spend way less on your ad budgets to get better results.


No tech bottlenecks

Don’t touch your website

No seriously, you don’t have to. Unbounce gives you the power to build and publish campaign-specific landing pages without having to code or add anything to your website.

AI-powered templates

Choose from 100+ conversion-focused templates, including an industry-specific series of templates that was created using AI analysis of over 64,000 landing pages and 74 million visitors.

Multiple landing pages in minutes

To dramatically reduce your turnaround time, create multiple pages at once with the duplication feature. From there, just adjust the copy and calls to action, and you’re done.

Automatic SSL encryption

Put your customers’ minds at ease. All landing page are automatically encrypted with the green padlock symbol next to your URL.


Connects with more apps than anyone else

Everything in your marketing stack has to work together. Connect to your favorite tools in a few clicks and streamline your everyday workflow!

Total creative control

Drag + drop = done

Create custom on-brand landing pages with pixel-perfect accuracy using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

A/B testing

When you’re trying out new ideas, testing is always helpful. That’s why Unbounce gives you the power to A/B test your pages to optimize for better results.


Take the builder for a spin!
Try your hand at creating a landing page.



People are browsing on phone screens more than ever. With Unbounce, you can make your landing pages mobile-responsive.

Messaging that automatically adapts

Get personal with your audience and increase their likelihood of converting by automatically changing your pages’ copy to match their search terms using Dynamic Text Replacement.

And they said you had to code to make a landing page

“Anyone can come in and learn it in about 30 seconds… even our most junior staff members are able to come in and start building landing pages very quickly.”

Andrew Miller
Co-Founder of Workshop Digital

What sets Unbounce apart

A full platform of tools

Take control of your marketing with a range of conversion tools dedicated to help you convert more of your campaign and website traffic.

The nicest, most responsive support team

We’ll let our customers do the talking (and Tweeting) for this one.

  • @HowieZisser

  • “I definitely recommend reaching out to their customer support team whenever you get stuck. They were extremely helpful and they even followed up with me a few days later to see if my problem was resolved. 10/10 on their customer service team.”

    Galen S. [via G2Crowd]


Ready to create your first landing page?
If you need ideas for a landing page campaign, we’ve got a gallery of templates that’s sorted by campaign type, industry, and more. Take the builder for a spin and check it out!

Want to improve conversions directly on your own website instead of building landing pages? Check out popups and sticky bars.