More conversions, less intrusion.

Sticky bars: an elegant way to make sure your message is always top of mind.

Your website visitors have a lot on their minds, and they’re probably skimming most of your painstakingly-written content.


At the same time, you care about their experience on your site, and you don’t want to be overly intrusive. So how do you make sure that your new products, announcements, and don’t-miss-it-sales are still visible and top-of-mind on your website?


You do it with sticky bars. (Get a preview of how one would look on your website here!)

Get more conversions on any page of your website.

With sticky bars, you can easily maximize your leads, sales, and more.

Convert blog readers into leads and signups.

Offer a discount to nudge undecided visitors into a sale.

Get your customers excited about free shipping.

Make sure that customers know they can sign up for a free trial.

Timing is everything.

Trigger any sticky bar to appear at either the top or bottom of the page at the perfect moment.


    On Arrival

    Hit your visitors with a can’t-miss offer right when they land on your site.


    After Delay

    Got a content-heavy page? Give them some time to read and absorb before they see the sticky bar.


    On Scroll

    If your sticky bar message goes well with a particularly convincing section of your page, why not try to convert someone once they’ve read it?


    On Scroll Up

    Capture someone as they’re scrolling up. If you’re targeting mobile devices, this is the perfect touchscreen alternative to the on-exit trigger.


    On Click

    Put the power in your visitors’ hands. Literally. Trigger a sticky bar when your visitors click a CTA on your page.


    On Exit (desktop only)

    You’ve got one last chance to win your visitors’ hearts before they abandon ship.

Make your visitors feel special with custom messaging.


Dynamic Text Replacement

With this intelligent feature, your sticky bars’ copy will automatically adapt to the search terms your visitors used to find your page.


Custom forms

Qualify your leads and capture their information with custom form dialogue to fit your brand’s voice and tone.

Meet Joe:

Search engine marketing, organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising and inbound marketing extraordinaire at Altos. He cares about good mobile experiences, and has found the most success using sticky bars to drive website visitors to e-book downloads and other gated content.

“I use sticky bars because mobile is my platform and they’re great for being unobtrusive while providing an additional offer — a sticky bar on one of my client’s high-traffic websites is converting at 12%. Without me having to increase my advertising spend. Pretty impressive.”
Joe Savitch Unbounce Customer

Joe Savitch,
Production Manager at Altos

Stop wasting the traffic that you’re paying for.
Try adding sticky bars to your site and see how you can get the most conversions out of your traffic!