Connect Google Analytics to Your
Unbounce Landing Pages

Want to see all the awesome stats that are coming in from your Unbounce landing pages? Now there’s an easy way to do it in Google Analytics, using a tool that you already know and love.


By integrating Google Analytics with Unbounce, you can track multiple conversion goals and see all of your stats in one place with super detailed tracking. For example, you’ll be able to see when someone makes a purchase after arriving on your landing page. (Did they click around on the page first? Did they explore other links, then come back to buy?)

With Google Analytics, you can also track your statistics for A/B testing and see which variants are performing well!

How to add Google Analytics to Unbounce


It’s easy! You can hook it up using Unbounce’s Script Manager, which adds Google Analytics automatically to all your landing pages and even records event tracking (like button clicks and form fills) and variant tracking (meaning you can see your individual page variants in GA).

The code is automatically added to all your pages—unlike with many other conversion platforms—which means you won’t have to second-guess if the script was added to that new landing page you just launched.

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performance of your landing pages?

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