Install Hotjar on your Unbounce landing pages to see what visitors do and learn why.


Use the integration to find out why users prefer one variant over another by loading your Unbounce landing page experiments on Hotjar. Filter recordings, heatmaps, and other analytics data by landing page variants, or use them to target surveys to specific users.


Understand your visitor’s behavior and needs

Bridge the gap between what your visitors do and why, so you can confidently create and optimize user experiences that convert.


See what works (and what doesn’t)

Analyze heatmaps of landing page test variants and compare results to get a visual overview of how click and scroll activity differ—and quickly see why one outperformed the other.


Find out what’s impacting conversions

View session recordings of A/B test variants to see how users interact with landing pages and why they do (or don’t) convert.


Get direct feedback on the A/B test experience

Display pop-up surveys on each of your variant pages to collect direct user feedback on their experience to get a more holistic understanding of what worked and what didn’t.

App Partner Program

The Unbounce App Partner Program is now open for early access! If your company is interested in building an app and getting listed in our apps directory, we’d love to have you on board. As a member of the program, you’ll get access to the Unbounce SDK Beta and support from our team. We can’t wait to work with you!