HubSpot + Unbounce:
intensify your conversion power

With the HubSpot integration, you get the best of both worlds: a flexible landing page builder that lets you optimize every element and send more leads to a formidable growth stack for nurturing.

Just a few ways HubSpot and Unbounce
go beautifully together.


Because who manually adds things anymore.

Your HubSpot database gets automatically populated with lead info, like email addresses, collected in the custom forms (or embed a HubSpot form) on your Unbounce landing pages without you having to lift a finger.


Trigger personalized emails based on landing page conversion and other behaviors.

Automatically send relevant emails to leads who convert on your Unbounce pages. Use HubSpot to nurture those leads and send them info only when it’s most relevant to their buying cycle.


Create more opportunities for lead generation.

Get more signups and contacts on your site with Unbounce’s popups and sticky bars, then manage them seamlessly through your HubSpot lead database.


“We build all marketing landing pages in Unbounce and use forms to integrate to HubSpot. HubSpot is where we keep contact information and data on how people are interacting with our company, but we need a tool like Unbounce to create beautiful landing pages.”

Jenay Sellers,
Director of Marketing at Brandfolder

We know, we know… HubSpot has a landing page builder too.

But we’ve made landing pages our bread and butter. If you’re looking for a builder that’s robust and flexible enough to mimic any brand’s look, you’ll want to give Unbounce a try. Take Daniel, for instance. He uses both HubSpot and Unbounce — but for different purposes.

“Even if our clients were HubSpot customers, I’d still prefer to drive them to an Unbounce landing page.”
That’s a pretty big statement, Daniel.
What makes you say that?
“If it’s just the average person creating a HubSpot landing page, you just cannot create as nice looking pages as you can in Unbounce. The ones that I’ve seen made in Unbounce — where no developers touch it — look much better.”

Daniel Fernandez,
Chief Strategy Officer at The Symphony Agency


If Daniel’s experience isn’t convincing enough…

Here’s a handy dandy clip of the Unbounce drag-and-drop builder in action. Add, remove and customize your page elements with just a few clicks. Yep, it’s fast.

Try out the integration for free.
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Still skeptical about how easy the HubSpot integration is? Check this out.