Unbounce + Mailchimp Integration

With Unbounce’s Mailchimp integration, you can send your leads directly into your Mailchimp account.


Once active, this integration will ensure your leads are stored in exportable CSV in Unbounce, and within any list/segment in Mailchimp.


To get started, all you need is a lead gen form in Unbounce and a dedicated Mailchimp list.


Setting up the Mailchimp integration should take less than 5 minutes.


Get Alerts

Get email notifications each time a new Unbounce lead is captured.


Push Leads

Automatically push Unbounce leads to any Mailchimp list.


Nurture Leads

Set up automated Mailchimp campaigns to nurture your Unbounce leads.

Free 14-Day Trial. No Obligation.
Not ready yet? Learn more about how to use Unbounce’s Mailchimp integration here.