Unbounce + Salesforce Integration

By integrating Salesforce with Unbounce, you get a head start on converting new contact info collected in Unbounce into Salesforce leads — and ultimately, paying customers.


Connecting these platforms gives your sales reps the power to follow up and email or call fresh leads immediately. Once active, this integration will ensure leads are stored in both Unbounce (CSV) and Salesforce (any list or campaign you choose).


Setting up the Salesforce integration is a snap — just follow the directions in this short video.



Your Unbounce leads with Salesforce so that your sales reps can email or call to follow up right away.


Your Unbounce leads with Salesforce’s Journey Builder; build immersive customer journeys for every channel.


Every aspect of your marketing campaigns — email, social, advertising and automation — with Marketing Cloud.


Campaign ROI and optimize your spend with detailed analytics and dashboards.

Free 14-Day Trial. No Obligation.
Not ready yet? Learn more about how to start using Unbounce's Salesforce integration here.