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  • Save time by automatically adding new contacts collected on Unbounce landing pages as a new row to your MySQL table, making sure your leads are all in one handy place.

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    Unbounce x Zapier x

    With a Zapier account, you can connect your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to without typing a single line of code.

    What this integration can do for you in Slack:

    Unbounce integration for various apps through Zapier

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    Zapier Partner

    Want to automatically pass the data that you collect in Unbounce to so that you won’t have to manually do it every time ? Of course you do.

    Unbounce’s Integrations Powered by Zapier, also known as “Zaps,” let you automatically send the leads and data gathered from your landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to over 60 apps, including , directly within Unbounce. Not only are Zaps easy to set up, they’re also key to building automated campaigns and workflows across different tools — no coding needed.

    BONUS: You’ll also have access to 900+ other app integrations in Zapier’s interface.


    Find your integrations section.

    Log into Unbounce and navigate to one of your pages. Scroll down until you see the Integrations section.


    Choose your integration.

    Click on . If you haven’t created a Zapier account yet, the popup will take you to sign up. Otherwise, a pre-built Zapier integration should appear. Create the Zap!


    Customize your Zap.

    Follow the prompts to create your Zap. A lot of your Unbounce information should already be filled in for you, so just click “Continue.”

    Zap integration is working

    Don’t forget to turn your Zap on after you’ve customized it!


    Search engine marketing, organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising and inbound marketing extraordinaire at Altos.

    “The integration powered by Zapier was super easy to setup and execute – it allows my client to automatically send their leads to different sales teams depending on their selected option. My client thinks I am a magician! I could see this being used a lot going forward.”
    Joe Savitch Unbounce Customer

    Joe Savitch,
    Production Manager at Altos

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