Create informative sales emails in seconds with the Sales
Outreach Generator

Never get stumped writing an email again!



Create informative sales emails in seconds with the Sales
Outreach Generator

Never get stumped writing an email again!

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What is a sales email?

A sales email is an email specifically designed to promote your brand’s products and services. The main goal of a sales email is to entice readers to do business with you. The offer your brand makes in the email, the format, and the email’s ability to engage the audience will all determine how successful your sales email will be.

How to create sales emails using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand, from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates optimized sales email copy just for you! Here’s how to get started:

Make your free Smart Copy account, then enter in your brand’s information like company name, preferred keywords, audience, and a short description.

After your account setup is complete, navigate to the Emails category on the templates page and click “Sales Outreach”.

Make sure you’re satisfied with the details of your project information profile, click the “Write for Me” button.

Sit back and let Smart Copy write a sales email for you in just a few seconds! The generator will give you three or more great options to choose from.

All of Smart Copy’s generators also have “Fine Tune” options. When using this feature on the sales outreach template, you can type in your desired tone for your email. Click “Write for Me” again and Smart Copy will generate a new email for you using these specified custom options.

Tips for improving your emails using the sales email generator

The subject line is the first thing the recipient sees when they receive your email. It determines whether they open it or not, so make sure your subject line grabs their attention.

Successful sales emails often make their subject line a question to better entice the reader.

Make sure the product or service you’re offering is the first thing the reader learns by including it at the very top of the email.

Provide just enough information so the consumer knows about your product, but is still curious enough to click or call to learn more.

Show the recipient you’ve researched their company. Include a few facts about their company and show them how they can benefit from using your products.

Give the person information on how to access you and your brand. This can be your contact information or a link to your website.

Always personalize the email. For example, include the person’s name at the top to differentiate your email from a mass email campaign.

Using the sales email generator as a template

Before creating a template, consider the best way to showcase your product. Some brands may need templates that use pictures, gifs, or bright colors.

Other companies would benefit more from a simple template with short paragraphs.

Either way, start your template with “Hi {first name}, to show the recipient you’ve personalized your outreach process.

Write a few sentences about your company and what they do. Then start a new paragraph your products could make their business better. Try to be as specific as possible without making your sales email overly long.

End the email by asking them if they’re interested in learning more and let them know you’re readily available to spend additional time with them explaining your brand.

Leave your contact information and sign it personally with your name.

Sales emails examples

Concise Copy

This sales email is kept brief and straight to the point. It also expresses how the company and their services can benefit the recipient.

Subject Lines

The subject line of this email is provocative and should make receivers want to click it open and read more. It also leaves the consumer with a question; a classic way to encourage engagement. Keep in mind that a colorful sales email with images isn’t always appropriate; sometimes simplicity is best.

Personalized Greetings

This email addresses the recipient by name, Beyond demonstrating that the brand has done due diligence, this also adds a human element that can sometimes be missing.

Are sales emails the same as marketing emails?

Even though a lot of best practices for both are the same, they’re different in many key ways. A marketing email is often sent to a large number of people offering a service or product. Usually people who are receiving marketing emails have already subscribed to comms from your brand or company.

A sales outreach email offers your products to people who might not know much about your brand, but would highly benefit from it.

A marketing email is more likely to use a template, with photos or videos, while a sales email will just be text and a simple format.

Frequently asked questions about sales emails

How does the sales emails generator work?

When you create your Smart Copy account, you’ll be asked for some basic information, like your company’s name, a brief description, and your target audience. The generator then combines these details with other information it finds on the web to create informative sales emails personalized for your business.

Why are sales emails important?

A carefully formulated sales email can create a bunch of new prospects. They’re also a great way to raise awareness about your company and what it does to help. Your sales outreach methods can specially target people who need your services the most.

How much do the sales email generators cost?

All Smart Copy generators are free to use and can be used up to 5 times a day. Just be sure the information about your brand is up to date so the generator can create the best copy for you.

What if I want to use the sales email generator more than 5x daily?

If you plan on sending a large number of emails, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How do I personalize sales emails?

With Smart Copy, you can customize the tone of your sales outreach emails by clicking the “Fine tune” button. You can then type in “informative” or “casual” or another tone of your choosing.

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