Create Catchy Taglines in Seconds With the Taglines Generator

Inspire the slogan of your dreams.

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Create Catchy Taglines in Seconds With the Taglines Generator

Inspire the slogan of your dreams.

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Create a free Smart Copy account and complete your company profile.


Browse, and then select “Taglines” under the templates section.


Click “Generate Copy” and let Smart Copy pitch some taglines to you.

What Is a Tagline?

Taglines are short sets of words intended to capture your company’s brand, values, and positions. Your company tagline should communicate what your brand represents and how customers can benefit from it.

Taglines play a key role in every company’s marketing and advertising strategy. The internet is super crowded these days—taglines are a great way to set yourself apart from other brands and products. A successful tagline should motivate consumers to engage with a brand and want to learn more about it.

How to Create a Tagline Using Smart Copy

It’s simple to get started—but here’s the detailed breakdown:

Create a Smart Copy account

If you don’t already have a Smart Copy account, you can create one for free. Smart Copy will ask you some questions about your company such as its name, audience, description, and keywords.

Go to the Tagline Generator

After setting up your account and creating a company profile, select “Taglines” under the templates section.

Click “Generate Copy”

Once you’re in the Tagline Generator, Click the “Generate Copy” button. Boom! You’re done. Smart Copy will generate five custom taglines for you.

Receive five copy variations

Review your options and see if you like ‘em. You can always click “Generate Copy” again for five new choices or use the customize option.

Tips for Improving Your Taglines

Keep them short and simple. Taglines need to be clear and should only be a few words long.

Use inclusive language. Make sure your tagline uses words that invite the consumer to be a part of your brand.

Use an active verb. Many successful taglines use a verb ending in “-ing.”

Consider your customer. Your tagline shouldn’t only focus on your brand.

Be authentic. Don’t stress about making a tagline that’s too cool for school. Keep it aligned with your brand and mission.

Use good descriptive adjectives. It’s helpful to think of words that appeal to one of the five senses. (Dazzling, smooth, or buttery, for example.)

Tagline Examples

“The Happiest Place on Earth” by Disney

Disneyland is famous for this tagline. However they’re also known for: “I’m going to Disneyland” and “Where Dreams Come True.” Disney created these slogans in the past for commercials and specific park initiatives. They’ve both changed and may one day be forgotten, but “The Happiest Place on Earth” will be remembered for generations.

“Shave Time. Shave Money” by Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has made a name for itself by sending affordable, high-quality razors right to people’s doorsteps. Over the years, Dollar Shave Club has released more products like shaving cream, soaps, and other hygiene items. However, as represented by their tagline, the company mission remains the same: shave time, shave money. (Er, we mean, save time, save money.)

“Belong Anywhere” by Airbnb

When Airbnb first launched in 2008, it was revolutionary. Airbnb made travel more affordable. It also allowed folks to explore parts of cities frequented by locals. Airbnb’s tagline exhibits its mission perfectly. When you travel using Airbnb, you can belong anywhere.

Why Does My Brand Need a Tagline?

Taglines are critical for making your brand memorable. Often, they’re the first thing your audience will see. If you want them to come back and make a purchase, you gotta create a good first impression—taglines can help you do that.

Taglines are also very useful tools for marketing campaigns—you can use ‘em in advertisements, social media posts, and on your website. Your tagline has the power to create a unique identity for your company, helping it stand out from competitors.

How Exactly Are Slogans and Taglines Different?

Slogans are longer expressions of an idea or purpose with the goal to persuade—so they may also be found in political campaigns and social movements, for instance. Taglines, on the other hand, are usually shorter and deliver a concise brand message.

Companies may use slogans, but they often change with time and aren’t a permanent representation of a brand. They may represent one particular product or idea, but not the brand as a whole. Companies could have several slogans. But when it comes to taglines, companies usually only have one.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tagline Generator

How does the Tagline Generator work?

Smart Copy’s Tagline Generator uses the information from your company profile to generate a catchy tagline that shows off your brand. It uses your company name, your brand’s keywords, your selected audience, and your brand’s description to generate relevant tagline options for you.

How much does generating a tagline cost?

When you’re using the free version of Smart Copy, you have up to five daily credits to use towards generating taglines. However, if you want unlimited access to the Tagline Generator, we recommend that you upgrade to our unlimited plan. Check out our Pricing Plans.

Why is a tagline important for small businesses?

As a small business, we know establishing a strong brand identity is important to you. Taglines can make your brand more memorable and tell consumers exactly what you’re all about. We’re here to make that process easier for you—no more starting from scratch.

How can I create a catchy tagline?

Popular taglines are short and easy to remember. A catchy tagline should also appeal to your audience. So be sure to define your audience in your company profile so Smart Copy generates relevant taglines. You can also customize the tone of your tagline to be more “catchy.”

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