Create dazzling TikTok video
ideas in seconds with the TikTok
Video Ideas Generator

Always have new video ideas.



Create dazzling TikTok video
ideas in seconds with the TikTok
Video Ideas Generator

Always have new video ideas.

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What are TikTok videos?

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media apps for people of all ages.

Creators use a number of built-in filters, features, and branded lenses that make it super-easy to create surprisingly slick video content.

All videos have a short description and the ability to use hashtags. They also allow people to comment, share, and follow individual creators.

How to create TikTok video ideas using Smart Copy (Spoiler alert: it’s easy!)

Smart Copy uses a best-in-class AI to examine what’s unique about your brand, from what you provide in your project information panel and what already exists on the internet. Then, it generates customized TikTok video ideas just for you! Here’s how to get started:

Make your free Smart Copy account, then enter in your brand’s information like company name, preferred keywords, audience, and a short description.

Head on over to the templates page and click “TikTok Video Ideas.” The project information profile will display all of your brand’s information. Check to make sure everything is correct and update anything that’s not.

Click the “Write For Me” button and Smart Copy will start to do the work for you.

Review all your options. Feel free to give feedback and save or copy any content you want.

There is also a “Fine-tune” toggle that you can use. Click “Write For Me” again and see more personalized options.

Improving your TikTok videos using the TikTok ideas generator

Join Tiktok! Download the app, set up an account and start watching. You’ll quickly see which videos are the most successful and most engaging. Put your unique spin on this style of content to grow your presence.

Keep the videos short. The videos with the most views and the most likes are often short, punchy and very engaging.

Use hashtags. TikTok targets its pages for consumers based on hashtags. Make sure to include any that are relevant to your brand, but avoid spamming too many.

Use background music. TikTok is ‘sound on’ by default. So make sure to use music in any content you post.

Build your profile. Increase awareness by adding information on how to access your website as part of your TikTok profile.

Do more talking than writing. Some TikTok videos integrate short blurbs right on screen. Only use these to call out important bits of info or give context. Most of your information should be expressed verbally.

Track your views and shares. See which videos are popular and more successful, and glean insights from the ideas and system you used in the most shared ones.

Use humor to make it memorable. Always encourage your viewers to remember your video somehow. You want it to stick in their mind even hours and days after.

Types of TikTok Ads

There are several different types and formats of ads you can use in your TikTok videos.

In-Feed Video

The most popular is In-Feed video. They appear as people are scrolling and on their FYP (“For You Page”).

Hashtag Challenge

The Hashtag Challenge is when you use a certain hashtag in all your videos and encourage users to make their videostagged with that same hashtag. It can also include a shopping component to sell your products.

Branded AR Content

Branded AR content is when the ad appears through a specific branded lens, sticker, or eye-catching 2D or 3D content.

Brand Takeover

A Brand Takeover is when the first few seconds of your video take over the TikTok screen before turning into a regular in-feed video. This is a great way to catch someone’s attention and keep them from scrolling.

Custom Influencer Packages

Custom Influencer Packages are sponsored content created by an influencer for your brand or company.

TikTok examples

Using Ads

These are all of TikTok’s ads that are commonly used when people are looking to market on the app. All of them are fantastic for growing your brand and reach.

Brand Takeovers

This is an example of a brand takeover video. Watch as it changes into an in-feed video after 9 seconds. It uses great imagery and audio and gives the viewer options to click on the link to learn more.


These are some great examples of ways that people use TikTok for marketing. They all have audio and sound to make the video memorable. They also use hashtags and small short descriptions to tell the user what their video is about. On the right side, you can see where people can follow your page, like, comment, or share.

Why should I use TikTok to build my brand?

Nearly all major brands use TikTok as an advertising platform. TikTok has close to a billion active monthly users—more than LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tiktok is also constantly in the top ten most downloaded apps, with users in about 150 countries.

Since it is now basically more popular than every other social media app, using TikTok can dramatically increase awareness of your brand.

Frequently asked questions about TikTok Videos

How does the Tik Tok Video Idea generator work?

The generator uses AI-powered technology to incorporate all the inputs you listed about your brand as well as information that already exists on the internet to create awesome Tik Tok video ideas for you.

Why are TikTok videos important to your company?

At Unbounce, we know that getting your message out on all the different platforms is crucial to your brand top of mind and grow your business. We also understand how frustrating and time consuming making fresh content can be. That’s why we’re committed to helping you create all the ideas on all the platforms you need.

How much does the Tik Tok Video Idea generator cost?

All Smart Copy generators are free to use and can be used up to 5 times a day to keep your content fresh and new. Just be sure the information about your brand is up to date so the generator can create the best copy for you.

What if I want to use the Tik Tok Video Idea generator more than 5x daily?

If you plan to create a large amount of content, consider upgrading to our unlimited plan for unlimited generations.

How can I customize my TikTok video ideas?

All of our generators have “fine-tune” toggles. Simply turn on the toggle and enter in the extra inputs Smart Copy asks for. This may be additional information about the tone, the audience, or the keywords. Click “Write For Me” and the generator will create even more personalized ideas for you.

How can I ensure that my videos are getting optimal traffic?

You can always view the number of shares, comments, and views your videos are getting on their account video upload page. Try using tried and true TikTok advertisement features like in-feed videos and hashtag challenges to create more viewers.

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