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[Quiz] The Cosmo Guide to Landing Pages & QR Codes – with Infographic

Are you a QR code Luddite? Take out quick and fun 3-question Cosmo style quiz and find out how mobile savvy you are about quick response codes and landing pages.

52 Ways to be a Conversion Badass

52 of the best conversion rate optimization blog posts of the year – each with a summary of how it can help you become a conversion badass… John Wayne insisted we bring this post back. Who are we to argue?

Using Eye-Path Heatmaps to Design Kick-Ass Landing Page User Experiences

A billion studies have been conducted to determine “hot spots,” or areas of web pages that users’ eyes tend to focus on first. Using eye tracking software you can find natural patterns that most users’ eyes follow on a page and use them to design better landing pages.

Top 10 Articles By Mr. Landing Page

Over the last year Oli has shared his insights and thoughts, his metaphors and humor, and his uncanny ability to make even the most boring topic fairly relevant. So, in honor of Mr. Landing Pages’ birthday (Jan. 14) we are reviewing his best Unbounce posts of the past year.

The MR. MEN Guide to Landing Pages, Conversion & Absurd Metaphor [Cartoongraphic]

Landing pages, conversion, bounce rate, blah, blah, blah, blah, yada yada yada. As important as all of those terms and concepts are, sometimes you need to step back a bit and look at things in a more playful manner.

Conversion Fest
Contest Entry

Bad Landing Pages? No Landing pages? Then Do Something About It!

Many websites that should make liberal use of landing pages do not. Many websites that could substantially increase their conversion rates with simple landing page A/B testing do no such testing. The main challenges with landing pages are getting the damn things built, and then getting the damn things tested!

Conversion Fest
Contest Entry

The Non-Designer’s Swiss Army Knife of Free Tools to Make Sweet Landing Pages

Not a designer? Not a developer? Not a problem. You can make sweet looking landing pages that work. All you need is a willingness to try, a trash can for all your excuses, and 5 awesome free tools.

Conversion Fest
Contest Entry

8 Ways your Landing Page Design is Sabotaging your Click-Thru Rate

Testing and optimizing landing pages can be a fun and frustrating game of cat and mouse. Every time the mouse gets away, it feels like self-inflicted sabotage. After all, as marketers we really don’t want to eat the mouse, we’re just inviting them to play!

Fan of the Unbounce Blog? Vote for Us for Canada’s Best Startup

We’re trying to win the voting race for Canada’s best startup and right now the votes are neck-and-neck, so I thought I’d ask our community of blog readers if they’d be willing to come and vote for Unbounce and give us a chance to present at the 2011 Grow Conference. Update – we won!!! Thanks to all who voted…

The Noob Guide as a Tag Cloud

What does a 14,000 word course in internet marketing look like as a tag cloud? Awesome is that. Check out this epic Wordle tag cloud of the Noob Guide…

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