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  • The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report – Average Conversion Rates by Industry and Expert Recommendations

    Benchmark conversion rates by industry
    The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report is filled with industry-specific data, graphs and actionable takeaways.

    What is a good conversion rate for my landing page?

    If you knew the answer to this question, you could get more out of every optimization dollar you spend. Armed with this one “little” data point, you could double down on pages with lots of growth potential or confidently switch gears to focus on other projects because you know your page is performing well.

    But here’s the problem:

    • Companies in different industries use a wide range of landing page copy, traffic generation strategies and product offers. Because of this, average conversion rates across industries vary dramatically.
    • This one “little” data point isn’t really so “little.” Conversion rate benchmarks are the function of a ton of variables, requiring access to hordes of data (not to mention people with the skills to mine and interpret that data).

    Scientifically grounded answers to, “What is a good conversion rate?” just haven’t been available… until now.

    We created the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report by analyzing the behavior of 74,551,421 visitors to 64,284 lead generation landing pages created in the Unbounce platform over the last quarter, using a rigorous scientific methodology and our proprietary machine learning technology.

    How do your landing page conversion rates compare against your industry competitors?

    Get the Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report and find out.
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    For 10 popular industries, we’ll share:

    1. An overview of average conversion rates per industry (the graph on the left).
    2. A summary of how marketers in that industry are performing (right):
    The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report is filled with charts, graphs and actionable takeaways for 10 of our customers’ most popular industries.
    1. Industry-specific copy recommendations from our team of data scientists and conversion marketing experts (who have interpreted the data in the report for you). For each industry, we explore how the following factors could be impacting your conversion rates:
      • Reading ease
      • Page length
      • Emotion and sentiment

    Our goal isn’t just to help you answer the question, “What is a good conversion rate for my landing page?”

    Our goal is to eliminate some of the guesswork so you can build higher-converting landing pages, better prioritize your work and get back to the strategy and creativity that drives your business.

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    Questions or comments about the report? Drop me a line at amanda@unbounce.com!

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    • Daaaaaang, was wondering when you guys would do this. Brilliant!
      But then you tease with the beautiful PDF?

      Even better.


      • Amanda Durepos

        Thanks so much for reading Johnathan :)
        And please stay in touch if you ever find yourself implementing/testing some of the advice on your landing pages!

    • Thinker

      Let me understand this. You send me an email, I click on it to come to this page, then you ask me for my email again? Isn’t that a little bit too much friction?

      • Paul W Mather

        I’ve literally just posted a similar comment. It’s backwards and frustrating.

        • Corey Dilley

          Thanks for the heads up, guys. HubSpot should have autofilled your email addresses. Not sure why it didn’t. Looking into it now.

      • The funny thing is… the opt-in form told me that I had opted out of all e-mails, so they couldn’t send the PDF. But the e-mail address I opted in here is the same e-mail address they used to get me here.

    • Paul W Mather

      I’ve got to say, I find it slightly backward for a website such as Unbounce, to have email opt-ins from an email campaign. For me, it’s an inconvenience and for you, it’s unnecessary.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Paul, totally see your point and think it’s great feedback for me to take back to the team. Really appreciate it — it’ll help up do better next time. Hope you enjoyed the report.

    • Paul W Mather

      On a positive note, it’s good to see how others are doing in my industries.

      Home improvement is especially interesting with 14.9 being highest, whereas my highest conversion rates are 50%, averaging 30%.

      Though this is from PPC traffic vs organic.

      • Kevin Danikowski

        Hey Paul, we have a client looking to increase conversions on their roofing landing pages, we could use your help and pay you for it if you’re interested, or even buy templates off you. If this is of interest I’d greatly appeciate the time to talk/email :) I don’t use Disqus much, so my email is kevind@revenueandresults.com

    • Devin Boyle

      Yeah. I love Unbounce. It’s my favorite Saas tool, but you guys have got to work on your emails. When I click on the really huge images in the email, I should come to the CTA page, not go to the location of the hosted image. And yes, I too have to put in my email to download, which you already have.

      Thanks for the work on this report!

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Devin, thank you so much for your comments. All really valid points that I will bring back to the team. Hope you enjoyed the Benchmark Report!

    • UmamiDearest

      In the Credit / Lending section on page 38, the “Commonly Used Words” associated with Trust and Fear are reversed. (If they aren’t, I’m very confused.)

      Also in the Credit / Lending section on page 37, I think you meant “Pages with a reading ease level of 8th grade (or harder)…” instead of “(or easier)”.

      That’s the only section I flipped to, not a good sign for the integrity of the stats in the other sections! Maybe comb through your downloadable once more for edits?

      • UmamiDearest

        On the upside, it’s very pretty.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey UmamiDearest, thank you for checking out the report and for your comments :)

        I triple checked and page 37 is correctly phrased — “Pages with a reading ease level of 8th grade (or easier) correspond to lower conversion rates.” Put otherwise, if you look at the graph from left to right, you’ll see that conversion rates are higher as reading level increases.

        As for the “commonly used words” list, I’m looking into that right now. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment. If you have any follow up questions please feel free to email me at amanda@unbounce.com

        • Amanda Durepos

          The common word lists were in fact in reverse. We’ve fixed it and quadruple-checked the others. Thank you again UmamiDearest!

        • UmamiDearest

          Thanks Amanda! Looks like you guys updated the line to read “Pages with a reading ease level of 8th grade (or easier) correspond to HIGHER conversion rates.” Looks good!

    • Graeme Keeton

      This is going to help a lot of people build more targeted, relevant campaigns. Cool stuff.

    • i’ve been waiting all day to read this report — thanks so much for creating it.

    • Lexmark printer helpline

      very very nice article, thanks for the sharing with us.

    • Dan Kay

      I really like the language analysis, but can you explain what it means? For example, why is the word “spa” considered a word of “joy” in the vocational training industry?

      • Tommy Levi

        Two reasons (combined):
        1. Which words convey which emotions comes from the NRC Emotion Lexicon (http://saifmohammad.com/WebPages/NRC-Emotion-Lexicon.htm), and the emotions were done in the study via crowdsourcing. So short answer is, lots of people think spa = bliss ;)
        2. For why it’s in that industry, for each industry vertical we looked at all the pages in it, counted all the words and then found the top words in that industry actually being used for each emotion. Soo… lots of pages must have used the word spa in vocational training. Maybe they are offering training for spa workers? or it’s the cushiest vocational school around?

    • Philipp Stakenborg

      amazing – thanks for the report :)

    • This is really awesome……… It helps all people. Thanks for this.

    • Thanks for the great work that went into this report guys.

    • Zoe

      i cant seem to download the report? =( i cant see any CTA’s?

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Zoe, that’s odd. Can you send me an email at amanda [at] unbounce [dot] com and I’ll send it over to you?

    • SusanK

      Can you please clarify as to what you are counting as a conversion. For example, in the Home Improvement category, many conversions would be a phone call rather than a form completion or other digital action. Are calls counted? Thanks for the info!

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Susan, for this report in particular, a conversion = a lead captured via an Unbounce form.

    • Chirag Khandelwal

      Hey Amanda. I really appreciate your work and the quality of the report. I have doubt though, is the report limited to any particular market region such as APAC/NAR/EMEA?

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Chirag, thanks for reading and for your kind words :)

        There was no restriction on region, only on language — we only looked at English-language pages.

        • Chirag Khandelwal

          Oh, alright. I’m trying to improve my comprehension of the NAR market with regard to the digital marketing industry. Do you publish any reports specific to the North American region?

    • Wow! Great statistics. Thanks for sharing the valuable piece.

    • Some days ago I have read an article about this optimization. But this article is better than that.

    • Pat

      I cant seem to get the optin to work..
      not showing up on my end.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Pat, please drop me a line at amanda [at] unbounce [dot] com and I will send over the report!

        • Pat

          all good Amanda. it worked on my mac

    • Pat

      I notice the World Vision Logo in the report. Do they fall into ‘health’?

    • rohan rana

      i want to do guest blogging for my website

    • What?

      It helps when your CTA buttons function in Safari on an iPhone.

    • Gary Earley

      Nice ! Thank you.

    • This would definitely solve the conversion pain companies go through on landing pages.
      Commonly, it’s like, hoping and building a wonderful landing page but at last it goes invisible.

      That they never come across or even if they do they never attempt to look into it. Landing page is where users land just to easily wade through and leave immediately if they don’t find it useful. Thus it needs to be carved absolutely backed up with data.

    • I am constantly on the lookout for industry benchmark data on marketing performance.
      This is one of the best reports I’ve ever read…and the only one I believe concerning LANDING PAGE performance. Kudos to all that worked on and kudos to your platform. Very constructive actionable tips.. even more value, than promised.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Thanks so much for the kind words Mark. Glad you found it valuable :)

    • James Read

      Hi, thanks for this great report. One question, and I think it may be a stupid one! When you say landing page conversion, do you mean that the user takes whatever action the landing page is trying to drive (be that sign-up, click to another page, or buy on that page etc.)? OR, that they go on to buy, even if that is another page or two down the journey? It will help me greatly. James

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hello James, for the purpose of this report, a conversion = a lead captured via an Unbounce form. So the former of the two options you listed!

    • Chaz McNeice

      Thank you!!!

    • Vilius Aleksejunas

      What you mean by conversion? Sale, or lead?

    • Amanda Durepos

      Hey Martin, I do believe Oli references the report in that talk, though I don’t see it pictured on the particular slide you shared.

    • Pavel Polyakov

      awesome stats

    • Great info. Thanks for that.
      If you’re doing any more reports and analyses, I’d be really interested to see what impact video has by industry?
      Doing work with complex B2B services, and when I show people test landing pages, there is a strong division between those who think a video is a waste of time (‘I can’t get to the info I want quickly by skimming’) and those who love it. Needless to say, we are testing!!!

    • Austin Benton

      I don’t understand how this is useful due to the categories being so broad. For example under “real estate” if you are looking at buyer or seller leads, residential or commercial or any other type of lead what qualifies as “average” will vary widely within the category.

    • David Stoner

      The first thing to care about IMO is selling the best product. Not conversion rates. We do not advertise, do not use social media networking, none of that popular (overrated) stuff.

      We only sell via our website, and traffic comes from search engines and word-of-mouth recommendations.

      We have a conversion rate of ± 12% site-wide (e-commerce, selling premium high-priced dietary supplements worldwide). No clue if that is good or bad in this sector, but we generate a significant amount of money. We’re paying more in taxes than the rest of the people on our block make all together, annually. No joke.

      So we’re happy. And in the end, that’ s what counts. Not an abstract number, but ‘do you make a decent profit’