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16 Pick-Up Lines for Nerdy Online Marketers

Nerds in general are genetically programmed to be genius at some things while not so good at others. Let’s take flirting as an example: such an arbitrarily random and irrational social behavior – based solely on an instinctive interpretation of body language – is likely to send the geekier amongst us into a mental stateContinue Reading

16 Meaningful Blog Posts from the Social Web – PLUS 1 Takeaway From Each

If you’re like me, you’ll have those moments where all you want is to be presented with a kick-ass list of relevant and personalized content to consume on demand. Despite my attempts to pull together the uber RSS feed list, I’ve always been left wanting – until yesterday when I invented (for myself) the ideaContinue Reading

101 Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing pages are an established part of the online marketing conversion funnel, typically arrived at from a banner or Google AdWords ad. If you are paying money for your advertising and your conversion rates aren’t as good as you’d like them to be, the simplest thing (well not entirely simple, but sensible) to do isContinue Reading

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