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I Went to Your Homepage and All I Got Was This Lousy Conversion Rate

Nice T-shirt. Terrible way to spend your inbound marketing budget. There’s a simple point to be made here. When you’re sending multiple streams of inbound traffic to your homepage (or registration page, cart page) the original upstream ad message gets lost in a flood of generic multi-channel multi-product communication that dilutes the experience to theContinue Reading

The 7 Secrets of Social Media Conversion [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to drive traffic to your business – but the results are less than inspiring – you’re probably making fundamental mistakes during the conversion phase of the social media conversion funnel (see the infographic in this post).

Landing Page Examples Collection [NEW]

Looking for some design inspiration for your next landing page? We’ve just started a new landing page examples section in the Unbounce blog where we’re going to feature the best examples of landing pages that we find on our marketing travels. In each post we’ll break down the anatomy of the landing page and lookContinue Reading

Why I Hated Landing Pages…

In November 2004 I had my first real encounter with marketing people. It was a horrible experience. I come from the user experience (UX) crowd, indulging in usability, interaction design, information architecture and other such altruistic endeavours rooted in a desire to make the web work better for “the customer”. The marketing guys had anContinue Reading

Don’t Say It’s Over – A Second Chance at Conversion

Here’s the scoop cowboy: They came. They saw. They didn’t care. Sad, and perhaps a little painful – if you take these types of thing personally. Maybe they weren’t ready? Unprepared even. I’m not here to instill false hope about your business model or promise you a golden chalice of optimized redemption. Really I’m not.Continue Reading

April Product Update – New Form Features, Templates and Usability Improvements

This is the first of our new monthly product updates. My hope is to shed some light on where we’re taking the product by highlighting recent developments and leaking a few of our upcoming features. In the spirit of transparency, we’d be stoked if you jumped in to discuss where we’re going and how itContinue Reading

What Happens Next? Post-Conversion Strategies for Lead Gen Landing Pages

Conversion is your primary goal, but encapsulating a lead in a larger sphere of influence should be an important secondary marketing tactic. Your customers are going to leave your confirmation page in some direction, so try to guide them in a way that will be beneficial.

BRAINSTORM: The Effects of Social Media on Landing Page Conversion

I want to try something different for this post by making it more of an informal online brainstorm. I’ll pose a topic and a few primary questions, then open it up to comments. The more people that interact with their opinions, the better the post will become and I’ll re-incorporate them into the post asContinue Reading

Join Us For The Unbounce Private Beta

The Final Countdown by Europe is ringing in my ears as I write this post. It’s officially “down to the wire” time for the Unbounce team and as anyone from a start-up can attest, there just ain’t enough hours in the day. Get in on the landing page action before we open it up toContinue Reading

2010 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions – You Know Your Landing Page is Fat When…

In the spirit of failed New Year’s resolutions, I’m writing this post 11 days after the fact. We all do a miserable job of living up to our personal commitments, so I figured a few new business goals might be in order to get your marketing campaigns off the proverbial couch and into the gym.Continue Reading

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