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2010 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions – You Know Your Landing Page is Fat When…

In the spirit of failed New Year’s resolutions, I’m writing this post 11 days after the fact. We all do a miserable job of living up to our personal commitments, so I figured a few new business goals might be in order to get your marketing campaigns off the proverbial couch and into the gym.Continue Reading

Landing Page Makeover #2 –

In the second of our landing page makeovers, I’m going to look at a landing page designed to sell a book called “Matrix Reimprinting: Using EFT”. In our first makeover (aimed at providing some advice to small businesses), I used the Conversion Marketing Scorecard to analyze a landing page for a Phoenix language school. TheContinue Reading

Free Landing Page Makeover –

Today I’m going to present the first in a series of free landing page critiques. Our first example comes from language school LeTutor. My hope is that the simple process described below will be of benefit to others in a similar situation. I’d like to thank LeTutor for agreeing to the public scrutiny of theirContinue Reading

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