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3 Long-Form Copywriting Tricks You Should Steal

Some of the highest-converting short copy landing pages on the web today are based on simple long-copy principles. Here are 3 copywriting tricks to test on short copy landing pages.

Chasing the HiPPO From the Room – How to Silence Office Politics with A/B Testing

The HiPPO I’m referring to is the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Typically an uncreative senior management type that likes to ask if you can “make the logo bigger”

A/B Testing is Better Than Multivariate Testing

Are you willing to expose your best prospects to an incoherent landing page experience? That’s what Multivariate can do. Scary stuff. Read why A/B testing is a safer (and in some ways) a better testing methodology.

The Truth About A|B Testing

A/B testing is exciting. It allows you to see which copy, imagery and page layouts create the desired emotional response in your target demographic. But it isn’t a silver bullet for improved conversion rates on your landing pages. What it is, is an opportunity. A mechanism, by which you can begin to understand the behavior of your customers.

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