How One Person Made a Huge Impact on Conversion

See how Richard maximizes his paid ad traffic by creating landing pages. By himself. In minutes. (With Unbounce's easy landing page builder.)

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Richard Marginson
Marketing Manager at

MEET RICHARD. He’s the marketing manager at Xplornet*, also known as the only person who has a full-time hand in the digital marketing there, also known as That Person who wears a lot of hats.

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With a small marketing team and only one person dedicated to online advertising, Xplornet needed to streamline, but still improve the results of their online advertising.

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Their third-party landing page provider charged them a fee for every little change they wanted to make to their landing pages.

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A 40% bump in leads within one year of switching to Unbounce (and a +23% in conversion rate). Not bad for one person.

*Even though Richard is pretty much running a one-man show, Xplornet is not a tiny company — it’s a leading rural high-speed internet provider that services hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Its expansive network of fixed-wireless towers and satellites reaches all of Canada, including that far-flung territory up north: Nunavut. (Xplornet is also ranked as a top employer in Atlantic Canada, which makes us like them even more.)

Life before Unbounce…

“We were using a PPC consultant who was inflexible and not online a lot — kind of ironic, but also a problem for us.”

Making the decision to introduce a new tool, even if it’s an awesome landing page builder, can be scary. But not that scary (according to Richard, at least).

“It was a low-risk switch. We started with a few pages and that worked great, then we made the full switch soon after that.

I’m not a designer at all, but sometimes you just have to be everything. I saw Oli’s talk, watched a few webinars, read a few blog posts, and that’s it! I was building landing pages that got us more conversions.”

What qualities to look for in a landing page builder:

  • “The server up-time is great.” (Yep, your Unbounce pages will be up 99.99% of the time — that’s less than 5 minutes of downtime a year.)
  • “I’m not a designer and very limited in time, so the flexible builder combined with templates really sold us.” (That’s 125+ flexible, mobile-responsive templates to choose from!)
  • “The native integrations are fantastic. We link to Salesforce for CRM and ended up linking with Zapier as well for the custom fields.” (Integrate Unbounce with marketing faves like HubSpot, Marketo, Mailchimp and more.)

Let’s talk savings.

“Our overall spend didn’t change much year over year, but since we switched to our new landing page strategy with Unbounce, our cost per conversion has decreased by 26%.”

After switching to Unbounce in January 2016…

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Because who doesn’t like saving time and money.

“Before, we couldn’t really do segmentation because our previous 3rd-party landing page provider charged us for every change we wanted to make.

Today, we can create our own dedicated landing pages for each new campaign rather than using generic landing pages across multiple campaigns (which used to save us time and fees, but created a poor visitor experience).”

So how long does it take a non-designer-marketing-person-of-many-hats to create a landing page in Unbounce?

“If it’s a templated page, minutes. Not very long at all. For an event invite landing page, I found a template, tweaked the copy a bit, reviewed it with our teams and it was out the door in a day. Having our own templates and also the ones you guys provide really sped up the process.

That’s all well and good, but seems like the IT team has been conspicuously absent here amidst all this landing page talk…

“Our IT team helped us a bit with the Salesforce integration, but they haven’t touched it otherwise.”

Wooooooooow, no IT needed, eh. That’s awfully convenient.

“It’s so easy now to assemble and implement your own marketing stack. I had a bit of help from the with scripts but in the end, I was able to do it pretty much on my own. It’s every marketer’s dream: to find the tool, implement the tool, and see the results.”

The biggest difference that Unbounce made?

“I was unhappy, then I became happy.”


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