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SMART TRAFFIC™Boost Your Conversion Rates with AI-Powered Optimization

Convert more often by delivering the best landing page to each visitor. Smart Traffic™ automagically looks at your visitors’ attributes and sends them to the variant that’s most relevant. It starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits!

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Pages Using Smart Traffic
See an Average Conversion
Lift of 20%

No matter the size of your business, enhance your marketing with machine learning and Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ to create amazing campaigns, smarter content, and more compelling visitor experiences.
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Speed up your time to results

No more waiting months for enough traffic to hit your landing page to crown a champion. Smart Traffic starts optimizing fast—even when you add new variants or change traffic sources.

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Get the best conversion
rate possible

Smart Traffic looks at each visitor’s attributes and sends them to the version of the page that’s most relevant to them based on their unique context.

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Enhance your campaigns
with AI

Smart Traffic is a machine learning tool that tests, predicts, and optimizes your campaigns. These split-second routing decisions are more accurate than a human-powered test could ever be.

The speed at which Smart Traffic starts optimizing is impressive. You see real gains—more form fills, more leads going through to sales—very quickly.

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Turn On Smart Traffic Today

Build your first landing page, whip up a few different versions, and see what Smart Traffic can do for your campaigns.
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Pair Your Marketing Skills with
Machine Learning

Create your variants.

Take any landing page, duplicate it, and then make a change to the headline, call-to-action, supporting copy, or design. You’re not limited to just one change—or one variant of your page.
Be your most creative self.

Set your conversion goals.

Smart Traffic works with button click, link click, or form fill conversion set in the Unbounce builder. By setting a goal, you’re helping Smart Traffic measure your conversion success.

Turn on Smart Traffic.

Now that your goal is set, publish your page variants and activate Smart Traffic. This AI-powered approach to optimization eliminates the manual hassles—and long waits—associated with traditional testing.

Optimize automagically.

There’s no need to babysit Smart Traffic or decide on a winning variant. Keep it running to see a lift in your conversion rates as it adapts and improves over the lifetime of your campaigns.

We had about a 30% lift in conversion rate from Smart Traffic on day one. I’m used to building variants, and Smart Traffic was a natural next step.

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How It Converts More Visitors

“One-size-fits-all” isn’t your best approach. You know your prospects need to see relevant, tailored messages, so it’s ineffective to send them all to the same landing page.

After you turn it on, Smart Traffic begins to learn about what version of the page is most likely to convert different visitors. (This takes as few as 50 visits.)

Once it finishes this initial discovery, it’ll dynamically route new visitors to the landing page that’s right for them.

Pages powered by Smart Traffic see an average lift in conversions of 20% compared to an A/B test.

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It’s easy for small teams to get started. And low traffic requirements mean you’ll see results, fast.
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