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Thumbs Down: 37 Posts About Crappy Marketing (and What You Can Do Better)

Mistakes provide invaluable learning experiences. But why make more of your own when you should learn from the bloopers of others? Beyond laughing, crying (from laughing), and letting your jaw drop to the floor, embrace every bad marketing moment as inspiration to make your brand better.

75 Top Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Fat!

Wanna learn more about new online marketing strategies? Good luck! The thing that gets most people is that the most informative blogs are also the ones that put out a mass number of posts per day, which is hard to keep up with. This is why I’m sharing the 75 best marketing blogs with their RSS feeds.

8 Ways to Market Your Startup (includes a limited special offer)

Startups are the visionaries continue to pursue their dreams despite economic turmoil. But often fail due to poor or no marketing. Learn some cost effective tips here…

4 Tips to a Successful Link Building Campaign

Running a link building campaign is a lot like running for prom queen. Make nice with the king, Google, get votes with inbound links, and always seek the highest authority and most popular support.

Online Marketing in 2012 [Infographic]

Do you know what kind of marketing you should be doing this year? If you don’t, you should either slap yourself, or keep reading. And tweet the sweet facts at the end of the post…

218 Ways to Make Your Online Marketing Rule in 2012

Bandwagon time!!! To get in line with what everyone else is doing, we scoured the Web to gather 218 of the best nuggets of online marketing wisdom to kick 2012 off in style.

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How To Set Up and Track Keyword Origination from Multiple Sources in Salesforce

The holy grail for most marketers I talk to is being able to track a lead – or even a sale – all the way back to the original source keyword. This post shows how to track keyword origin from multiple sources in Salesforce…

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Swinging for the Fences: Turning Singles Into Home Runs With Retention Marketing

Even if you are not a fan of professional baseball, you can’t help but stop and watch the highlight of a long home run. This post you’ll learn 5 steps you must master to become a marketing home-run hitter and Retention Marketing all-star.

The Marketing Dance – Getting In Step With Your Customers

The Marketing Dance is the back and forth between marketer and customer. It is a conversation between 2 consenting adults with what we would hope is a common goal. How you perform in these precious few moments of intimacy, will determine whether the song plays out as Stairway to Heaven – an 8 minute epicContinue Reading

Marketing Funnel Overflow – How To Align Your Campaign Strategy

A common problem in SMB’s (small to medium businesses) is something I like to call Marketing Funnel Overflow – where the traffic pouring into your business is coming from competing rather than complimentary sources. When you have multiple small teams in your marketing department, campaign messaging can break down unless there is a strong andContinue Reading

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