218 Ways to Make Your Online Marketing Rule in 2012

Bandwagon time!!! To get in line with what everyone else is doing, we scoured the Web to gather 218 of the best nuggets of online marketing wisdom to kick 2012 off in style.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, it may come as a surprise to you that Internet marketing has become the trend of the century. Its cult-like following and sweet Kool-Aid has marketers clambering for the next big online idea. Some are even abandoning traditional marketing in hopes that the web will help resuscitate a failing business or drive more traffic to a successful one.

As we rang in the New Year, it became obvious that every so-called marketing junkie out there claimed to know all the tips that will make 2012 the best year ever. Everyone offered a list of top tips, tricks and trends. As I said, we found 218 of them. Beware: Some are pretty dry, some are quite obvious, but others are excellent and you should learn a thing or two.

20 Content Marketing Ideas for 2012
Twenty of the most basic tips for starting out the New Year in content marketing. Although this is not the most exciting of lists, It’s definitely a great primer for those new to the concept.
2012 Marking: 5 Ways to Power Up
Sounding like a whining toddler may just be the way to get the answers you need. Guest poster Mana Ionescu wants you to ask “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” to get the root of what you’re really doing.
2012 Internet Marketing – 10 Tips/Trends by
Become more local, but expand your mobile. Seems like a contradiction of ideas, but in reality the mobile world and your local community can work together to provide more business opportunities.
5 Tips to Maximize Your 2012 Marketing Dollar
Surprise! Every tip utilizes the web in some form or another–from analyzing your customer to updating your corporate site, the tools you need to online.
10 Tips for 2012
Quick, easy and self-affirming tips for the year to come.
Affiliate Marketing Tips in 2012
Resolutions abound to be nicer or a better friend. Same holds true in business. Work harder and smarter to make affiliates and network connections work for you.
Goals for Your Social Media Marketing 2012
Kate Wilber steals a quote from marketing guru Bob the Teacher and says, “Act now, revise later.” Learn from 2011 and move forward in 2012.
5 Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012
The crystal ball is quite clear for 2012. Content is still king. Groupon will die. Freemium will be the next big thing. Google+ might gain in popularity and mobile will be critical.
11 Marketing Tips For Your Business Success in 2012
Relationship development tops the list again. And, guess what? Content development isn’t far behind.
2012 Top 10 Small Business Ideas
Perhaps one of the best tips of the year: Monitor your personal social media accounts. That photo of you acting like a college freshman may just come back to bite you in 2012.
12 Marketing Ideas to Steal for 2012
Keep your sense of humor. Make your consumers smile and feel good. Doomsday may be coming, but we don’t need to be reminded of it every day.
10 Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2012
Mobile transformations made the list again. The incorporation of QR Codes, Infographics and e-books also topped the trending list for the New Year.
2012 New Marketing Ideas – Do Something Exceptional
Quality over quantity is the way to do business in 2012. From finding just the right business connections to co-marketing, InfowayLive shares some targeted business plans for 2012.
12 Marketing Ideas for 2012
Here’s a new one: Try “Social Coaching” by offering free 10-minute sessions on Facebook. Or, instead of an “about me” page that is static and boring, tell your story in the way you talk to your friends.
Content Marketing: 6 Ideas for Better Blogging in 2012
Instead of breaking bad habits in 2012, make a resolution to begin forming good ones, like writing your blog. And when you start writing, find a way to make it enjoyable and less of a chore.
5 Tips for Your 2012 Social Media Strategy
Claim your name… everywhere. Capture your business name in every social media platform from Google+ to Quora, even if you don’t have time to update them.
Search & Mobile Marketing Trends: SEO Apocalypse 2012
Those little black boxes topped the list again. QR Codes will be “near ubiquitous” in 2012 being used in tandem with traditional medial, like magazines and television.
12 Marketing Predictions for 2012
According to Optify, your marketing will grow in the New Year. Expect to find your employees and your customers playing an integral role in your strategies.
12 Best Online Marketing Strategies for 2012
Perhaps, the most practical of the lists, this one give you tips and tricks to enhance what you’re already doing. Why reinvent the wheel? Work on making what you’ve got a little better.
10 Trends for Online Marketers in 2012
Taking a cue from the airline industry, this post from Entrepreneur looks at trends that are “ready for take off” or “still boarding.” The metaphor may be a bit cheesy, but the trends and ideas are spot on.
Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2012
With content being ranked as King on most sites, B2C takes a look at who really is King in content marketing: The Consumer.
21 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2012
Social Media will disappear. As a separate discipline that is. The science of social media will simply become a tool used by marketers as a larger campaign.
Top 5 Marketing Trends 2012 — Infographics, Video and Social Media
QR codes made the list again, but so did infographics and location based marketing (LBM). Imagine getting a Starbucks coupon sent directly to your phone just because you are near the store? Could LBM be the latest and greatest trend?
2012 B2B Content Marketing Bench marks, Budgets and Trends
It’s all about the numbers. Content marketing will dominate in 2012 with 60 percent of survey respondents indicating an increase in their budgets.

It’s gonna be a big year! Our prediction? Content Marketing will rule… big time. So get creating. Would love it if you retweeted this post for us too :)

— Angela Stringfellow

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