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How Do B2B Companies Use Social Media? [Infographic]

We know the power of social media in creating brand awareness, but are companies using it to drive demand generation as well? This 2012 survey by Eloqua investigated how B2B marketers use social media to promote, engage and sell.

[How To] Create a Conversion-Oriented Social Ad Campaign

Learn about maximizing ROI from social advertising on the major ad networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – including using landing pages to convert ad visitors and setting up analytics to track your results.

P’interested in Marketing? 20 Stats For The Naysayers

Pinterest is here! Blah blah. Yeah, we know. But it’s useless for business. Or so we all thought. Pinterest is GROWING, and it’s growing up. Check out these 20 new stats about why you should be using Pinterest for your business marketing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Social Media

Just like the white, grey, and black hats of SEO, social media appears to be whipping out a few hats of its own. Make sure you’re sitting on the right side of the fence with these social tips.

The B2B Social Marketing Universe [Infographic]

The infographic below (changing into a lawyers voice), will show within reasonable doubt, that in fact, social media should be a big part of your B2B marketing strategy. And furthermore, should be a high priority piece of your planning for every marketing campaign.

Think Outside the LinkedIn Box For B2B Social Lead Gen [Infographic]

There is a ton of useful data in this infographic, so digest it, believe it, use it to convince your boss it’s worth your time. Social B2B explained starts now…

25 New Social Media Conversion Resources You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re wondering how to best use social media in your business, how to reach your customers better and how to measure what you’re doing, then you’ve come to the right place.

10 *Useful* Rules for Using Pinterest for Business [Infographic]

If you’re creating interesting visual content (you should be), then this guide will help you maximize your acquisition potential. Master these 10 commandments and you’ll be able to leverage your content visuals in a way that benefits your business.

5 Ways To Create Social Landing Pages That Convert

In this post you’ll learn how to contemporize your landing pages with the latest social media techniques and widgets, and why it’s beneficial to do so.

[How To] Increase Social Conversions with Facebook’s Page Post Targeting

Facebook is rolling out a new page post targeting feature that will allow brands to target their posts to more specific segmented audiences, beyond the location and language targets we’ve become accustomed to. We say: It’s about time! But will these advanced targeting options help brands improve conversions?

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