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How To Use Trust Symbols to Increase Conversions on a Brand New Website

This is a guest post. The author’s opinions are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Unbounce. (But there’s a fairly decent chance that we agree with what they’re saying). Today’s post is the second guest post by Kevin Kaiser from Surety Bonds. Your website is still in itsContinue Reading

HOW TO: Use Twitter as a Knowledge Filter Using Social Breadcrumbs and Lists

There are tens of thousands of new blog posts created every day Holy sh** Batman that’s a lot of information, I hope you have a “content filter” clipped to your utility belt. Never fear. With a little networking legwork, a content sniffer dog and Twitter lists, you can create your very own personal recommendation engine.Continue Reading

15 Ways to Increase Trust in Your Landing Pages

Web visitors are a fickle bunch. They’ll stop by your landing page after becoming interested in your banner ad or Google AdWords ad, and then they’ll put on their “Judge Every Book By It’s Cover” hat and give you roughly 5 seconds to impress them. If an FBI agent appeared at your door in t-shirtContinue Reading

5 Ways Twitter Can Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Twitter is the biggest Social Media phenomenon of the current time, and as such should be leveraged as much as possible, while staying true to your authentic & respectful brand values. Landing pages are used by marketers to receive traffic from many destinations, including Twitter. The basic theory with landing pages being that you haveContinue Reading

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