How One Popup Brought in Over One Million Dollars in Untapped Revenue for Canvas Factory

Being smart with targeting and timing can get you huge results. See how Canvas Factory did it.

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To generate more revenue out of the traffic that’s already coming to the Canvas Factory website—without increasing spend.

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Most visitors were leaving the site without purchasing anything.

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Canvas Factory opened up a whopping $1.1 million in previously untapped revenue.

Popups. They have a bad reputation. Mostly because many marketers have inexplicably chosen to launch them at frustrating times (like right when you land on a page) with irrelevant offers.

But what if we used our powers for good?

For Canvas Factory, an ecommerce shop providing high-quality canvas prints, popups have given their website revenue-generating superpowers. But only because they engaged with their visitors at the right moment, and gave them something that they actually wanted.

But why use popups?

Canvas Factory knew two things:

  • Many visitors were leaving their site empty-handed.
  • Some people need only a moderate incentive to get over purchase anxiety.

Their idea: What if we offered a small discount via a coupon?
Then, it turned into: What if we offered the discount through a popup at the right moment?

How did they do it?

The actual execution was easy: Canvas Factory used a single popup that appeared across a few of their domains. They duplicated this one design eight times to run across different domains on certain URLs. The copy was the same for each, offering $10 off someone’s first order in exchange for an email, and only appeared when someone tried to leave the site—and only once per visitor.

The main difference? Location. Canvas Factory ran four of these popups across their product pages on their Australian and New Zealand domains, while another four appeared on the Canvas Factory blog across the same domains.


Choose your pages carefully when you’re adding a popup to your site. Canvas Factory’s popup conversion rate was only 0.18% on the blog compared to 11~% on product pages—where the purchase intent was likely higher. Learn more about where to use popups with the Features Guide.

Canvas Factory Popup
Canvas Factory Sticky Bar

1Yep, that’s a sticky bar at the top of that page. ^

What was the result?

Unbounce played a key part in Canvas Factory’s conversion rate optimization activity for our subscriber campaign. This has contributed to over $1.1 million dollars in purchases.

Tim Daley
Managing Director at Canvas Factory

Yes, they made 1.1 million USD in revenue. With a popup.

Between November 2016 (when they started using this popup) and now, Canvas Factory has seen a 6 to 9% increase in use of the coupon, and their mailing list has grown by over 14.3% compared to before.

Next-level tracking with integrations

Tim also integrated Unbounce with CS-Cart, a payment gateway, for even more detailed tracking.

This [integration] allows us, per country level, to collect new subscribers, partition [them] to the relevant country and then track their individual and group purchase application of the coupon acquired through the popup.

With this integration, they could see:

  • How many customers are using coupons
  • How many discounts are being used in total
  • Total revenue before and after coupons are applied
  • Average order value before and after coupons are applied
  • What kind of customers the brand’s attracting with coupons

Ultimately, these were helpful for setting a time limit for a campaign like this and experimenting with different discounts.

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