How the World’s Coolest Video Platform Used Landing Pages to Ace a Product Launch

See how Vimeo got more subscribers by using Unbounce to build product launch-specific landing pages without needing the help of its dev team.

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Garrett Bugbee
Manager of Search and International Marketing at Vimeo

Unbounce has allowed us to target specific landing pages for top keywords, which is a huge win. I think that this is one of the best use cases for Unbounce.

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To speed up marketing in time to launch new products effectively. Specifically: to drive engagement, measured by new subscribers and 360 video uploads.

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So many new products to market, so little time (and resources).

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A significant increase in subscribers and video uploads attributed to Vimeo 360-related paid keywords.

If you haven’t heard of Vimeo, they’re a high-quality (HD and 4K) video hosting site for a community of cool artists who make surreal short films or dabble in comedy and design. They also attract over 100 million unique visitors every month, with over 50 million creators all around the world — yes, they call them creators.

Suffice to say there will be no shoddy video content here.

Is bigger always better?

We used to have a huge creative backlog, especially during product launches. We relied on our devs to build our pages for us. It was a slow and painful process, from design to the kick-off meetings and then actually waiting for it to be built and QA’d… It was a massive issue.

Garrett Bugbee
Manager of Search and International Marketing

In this case, no. Bigger definitely isn’t better, especially when it comes to your backlog before a massive product launch. So how did Vimeo fix it? With (surprise!) landing pages.

Introducing: Vimeo 360

Vimeo 360 was a new product featuring some pretty cool technology, so Garrett and his team naturally wanted to promote it well. Thing is, Vimeo’s homepage was a good way to brand and introduce the product, but not so good for a detailed feature breakdown and content showcase. There was just too much information (and the devs were too busy working on QA-ing the new product to help code a page).

Boom. Click-through landing page to the rescue.

Before vs. after

Before Unbounce, we simply directed prospects to a page [on our website] with a pricing grid, and that’s pretty extreme to just throw that in someone’s face right away.

We totally agree. Which is why it made us really happy when Garrett decided to use Unbounce to create landing pages specific to Vimeo 360’s product launch, because it led to results like this:

The big benefit here is the flexibility we have to produce a marketing-specific landing page without the help of our engineering team. Our devs get to focus on building a great product, and we can focus on designing a page built specifically for marketing purposes without pulling our front-end devs away from their work. We can go to market a lot faster by parallel-pathing both the product build and the page build.

Conversion bonus round unlocked.

Beyond building unique landing pages, Garrett also discovered the magic of Dynamic Text Replacement (aka. Dynamic Keyword Insertion): a feature in the builder that automatically swaps out keywords on your Unbounce landing page based on the different keywords your audience searched for.

Unbounce has allowed us to target specific landing pages for top keywords, which is a huge win. I think that this is one of the best use cases for Unbounce.

You can use Dynamic Text Replacement and just target your top terms, it’s highly relevant… I have complete control of that experience and that’s the marketer’s dream.

By message-matching across these touch points, someone who clicks on a Vimeo ad will land on a page with a headline that matches what they were looking for. This reassures them that they’ve clicked through to something relevant, making them more likely to stay on the page and convert. But that’s not all — this added relevance also improves Vimeo’s Quality Score in AdWords.

Your product marketing could be awesome too.
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