Why This Small Agency Includes Unbounce in Every Pitch Deck

See how Webistry, a marketing agency, uses Unbounce to build landing pages that get more clients, delight them with high conversions and keep them longer.

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To offer their clients a proven way of significantly improving the performance of their online advertising without having to drive more traffic.

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Clients are sometimes resistant to using landing pages because they don’t understand the value, or just spent a lot of coin on a new website.

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By introducing dedicated landing pages into clients’ campaigns, increased monthly patients by 300% for one client, and monthly bookings by 750% for another.

Agency life is tough. The hours are long, you have to make sure that you have a steady stream of clients, and even if you do, you’re often at the mercy of those clients.

So what happens when your client just spent a bucket of money on a beautiful new website — that’s tanking the PPC conversions you’re responsible for getting?

You do what Webistry did:

  1. Explain to your clients the benefits of matching the message on the ad with the message on the landing page (higher conversion!), and the importance of having only one call-to-action / one thing to click on the landing page. (Also higher conversion!)
  2. Then, with their permission, run a test to prove that a dedicated landing page gets higher conversions than the homepage.
  3. Use Unbounce to build landing pages for actual campaigns and make buckets of money for your clients.

Who’s Webistry?

Webistry is a digital agency from Montreal with a quickly growing team. Meet the co-founders:

They’re the type of agency that gets testimonials like these:

Ever since Webistry jumped in, I’ve been able to accomplish so much more with my advertising budget.

Miami Dental Clinics
300% increase in new monthly patients

Using landing pages for your PPC campaigns should be a no-brainer. These guys are your one-stop shop for advertising online and they understand the necessity for transparency, accountability, and tracking.

Utah Limousine
750% increase in monthly bookings

So… a marketing agency uses Unbounce to build landing pages. Big woop.

To illustrate what exactly “better landing pages” means for a marketing agency, here’s what life was like before Unbounce, in Jon’s words:

We won some, we lost some, but mostly we were winging it.

And here was life after Unbounce:

We’ve increased customer retention and closed more deals by offering landing pages. Unbounce helps us stay accountable and we can prove it works, so our clients stay longer. We include Unbounce in all of our pitch decks.

Okay, but what does that really mean beyond the usual “we got more customers / made a bucket of money?”

Thanks to how Unbounce has changed our business, we can hire more people now, and we’re both planning to get married. Those are big decisions, and we’ve now got the confidence to achieve both — with a lot less anxiety and stress.

Some things you just can’t do without landing pages.

One of Webistry’s clients is a custom home builder. This custom home builder had a bunch of sub-brands that dealt with plumbing, handyman services, and other home-related services — but they couldn’t promote these sub-brands on the main website because it would’ve detracted from the main brand.

Using Unbounce’s flexible builder, Webistry created custom branded landing pages advertising these services without affecting their client’s main website or brand.

It was impossible to do without landing pages.

Keep brand consistent and looking awesome? Check. Send traffic from ads to hyper-targeted Unbounce landing pages that convert them way better than the homepage? Double-check. With Unbounce’s intuitive platform, even a busy agency co-founder and designer (no developers!) could take the reins and build high-converting landing pages for clients — in minutes.

Punch above your agency weight with landing pages.
Make your clients as happy as Webistry made theirs. Try Unbounce for free with a 14-day free trial.