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A platform that lets patients and doctors communicate securely and in a manner that reimburses doctors for their time.

  • Connects 3.6 million patients to over 9,000 doctors
  • 3 years old



John Sung Kim

Founder & CEO of DoctorBase

Also founded Five9, a leading company in the contact center industry


How DoctorBase grew from 2 to 20 employees and millions in revenue in 3 years by empowering their marketers

John threw us off when we called to chat, because he thanked us for taking time to talk with him. That was when we knew DoctorBase was using Unbounce to do something pretty spectacular within their business.

I can tell you that having a marketing agency creating your landing pages vs. having our marketers using Unbounce is…” (he laughs) “it’s such a different world now thanks to you guys.

DoctorBase is an online service that allows patients to speak to doctors. To achieve the success they’ve seen, DoctorBase has overcome huge legal and motivational hurdles within the medical industry, leaving few resources to employ a much-needed aggressive acquisition marketing campaigns to both doctors and patients. Their marketing had to be efficient and effective in order to acquire both groups of people simultaneously while still building their platform and dealing with complex legal issues.

In order for DoctorBase to succeed, it was critical that they start to aggressively recruit doctors immediately. While the marketing team was able to drive leads to the website to sign-up, only a handful of the leads actually converted, significantly dropping the effectiveness of their marketing. To add insult to injury, the marketing team couldn’t change anything on the landing pages, because their developers were busy building the core product.

Marketing is critical, but so is product development. John needed a solution that would optimize his marketing, signing up as many doctors as possible using their existing marketing activities. They decided to give Unbounce a shot.

John’s team re-built the sign-up form for doctors in Unbounce in a matter of minutes, which replaced their old form. By diverting leads to the new form, they found a conversion rate of 31% – not bad! After a few A/B tests in Unbounce, they landed on the epiphany that changed their business: By simply removing a few unnecessary fields in the doctor sign-up process, they experienced a 30% lift in new doctors. Since each doctor represents an average of 2,000 patients, this lift dramatically increased usage, profitability and usefulness of their product. By their estimates, that one test grew their yearly revenue by $1.56 million and increased their marketing ROI by 40%.

Since seeing these dramatic results, John encourages everyone in the company to create landing pages. Unbounce has become a core service for their business with three departments relying on it. 1) Marketing drives all advertising to Unbounce landing pages to ensure the highest conversion rates. 2) Sales creates and updates landing pages to ensure the highest conversion rates. 3) Operations uses Unbounce for customer satisfaction surveys.

I’d recommend Unbounce, because your engineers are going to love you. They’re never going to roll their eyes again (…). You’re going to look like a rockstar to your boss, because you’re going to be able to figure out what the best message is. You’re going to be able to increase your conversion rates literally within a week or less. – John


Rapidly grow two different user-groups through aggressive acquisition-focused marketing strategies.



Developers were off-limits, as they needed to focus on building DoctorBase’s core product.



A $1.56 million lift in yearly revenue from marketing efforts while keeping product development on-track.

Empower Your Marketing Team