Post-Conversion Landing Page Strategy

The instant after a customer completes your conversion goal (clicks your call to action link or button) is a time for celebration. After all, you’ve just made a sale, got a lead or added a follower. It’s also one of the most underutilized interaction points in the marketing funnel.

Make the most of this moment, when your new found friend is often more inclined to listen to you (after all, they just bought your product, gave you their personal information or decided to follow you).

Your confirmation or thank you page is a blank canvas full of opportunities to extend your conversion. Don’t waste it on a simple thank you and nothing else. Instead tell your new customer what to do next.

Post-conversion actions to suggest to your customers

  • Buy a similar product.
  • Download a free whitepaper.
  • Follow you on Twitter/Facebook etc.
  • Visit this page of interesting and related content.

Read What Happens Next? Post-Conversion Strategies for Lead Gen Landing Pages for a detailed discussion of post-conversion strategy.