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A Classic Formula for Gut Checking Your Landing Page Headlines

If you read any marketing blogs, you know that landing pages live or die by the copy – but how can you write headlines that reliably convert? No copywriting arsenal is complete without this classic, easy-to-follow formula.

[PODCAST] How Reading Your Prospect’s Mind Will Make You Better at AdWords

If you want to run AdWords campaigns that convert, you need to know what’s on your prospect’s mind. I’m not talking about having a crystal ball. In the latest episode of Call to Action, Tiffany da Silva explained that no supernatural powers are required.

4 Simple Steps to Smarter (and More Profitable) Display Ads

Display advertising isn’t dead – it’s alive to the global tune of $3.5 billion. But in a world where people are more likely to birth twins than click on a banner ad, you’ve got to have a smart advertising strategy to get your ads noticed.

4 Expert Tips for Writing Landing Page Copy That Doesn’t Suck

Landing page design isn’t just about good looks. If you want a long-term relationship with prospects, you need a lil’ brains behind all that brawn – in the form of super persuasive and smart landing page copy.

[PODCAST] Can Exit Overlays Increase Conversions Without Pissing People Off?

There’s a reason that exit overlays are so controversial: they convert, but not without pissing certain people off. In this podcast episode, we discuss how you can use them to collect conversions – without affecting user experience.

What Being a Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Taught Me About Conversion Rate Optimization

What do vacuum cleaners have to do with conversion rates? Most of them suck! Seriously though, sometimes the smartest optimization ideas come from unexpected places. In this post, we explore what a job in sales can teach you about CRO.

How to Write the Highest-Performing AdWords Ads, Ever

With such limited space and cut-throat competition, writing AdWords ads is a pain. To stand out from the sea of sameness, make sure you’re using these battle-tested tactics.

Can Exceptional Customer Service Lead to Higher Conversions?

If you think of marketing and customer service as two distinct departments, you could be limiting your growth. Here are a series of case studies that aim to answer the question, “Can exceptional customer service help increase conversions?”

[PODCAST] Why These Words Make Copywriting Experts Cringe

No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to – so in this episode we chat with Enchanting Marketing’s Henneke Duistermaat about which words you’re better off avoiding if you want to write copy that converts.

4 Truths About Human Nature Every Marketer Needs to Know Before Writing a Word of Copy

Writing effective landing page copy isn’t just about nailing a really clever pun. It’s about understanding that *real people* are behind every click on your landing page. If you know what makes them tick, then you’ll know what makes them click.

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